Frank Costello, Maryland's highly successful track coach, has been named head coach of the U.S. national track team that will compete in the Eight-Nation Athletic Games at Tokyo, Sept. 25.

Costello will guide a squad of 38 men and women against teams from the Soviet Union, Poland, West Germany, Great Britain, France, Italy and Japan. All events will be finals, with each nation limited to one entry per event.

America's high hurdler, if school work permits, will be Maryland's Renaldo Nehemiah, a virtual cinch to be named the world's best this year. Nehemiah, who lost only one race during a full summer of campaigning in Europe, has been credited with 13 of the best 15 times in the world.

Costello plans to include veteran quarter-miller, Maurice Peoples in the party, which leaves from San Francisco Sept. 19. People is a member of the Maryland track staff, assisting Costello with the sprinters and quarter-milers.

Nehemiah's hurdling compatriot, Greg Robertson, has resumed workouts after suffering a broken foot in ar auto crash while competing in Finland in June.

The foot was broken in three places and two pins were inserted before the foot was placed in a cast. Although the cast is off, one pin remains in the foot.

Marty Liquori will be among the competitors in the 10-mile Severn River Run Sept. 17. He is not, however, the most noteworthy entrant. That title belongs to 48-year-old Pete Strudwick, who was born without feet.

Strudwick, a junior high school teacher from La Palma, Calif., has run marathons on his ankle stumps and claims that a 10-miler "is an everyday thing with me."

Strudwick has challenged meet director Al Cantello that he will outrun anyone else on the basis of matching his stump length and race time against their foot length and race time.

The race begins on the Naval Academy Golf Course at 9 a.m. and concludes at the Annapolis City Dock. Entries will be accepted at the start, up to 8:30 a.m.