The Philadelphia Eagles face Washington Sunday after a hard-fought loss to the Los Angeles Rams. The Redskins frustrated Steve Grogan's pitching last week in New England.

Watch for Coy Bacon to pressure Ron Jaworski, especially if tackle Stan Walters remains hurt.

Washington by 6, up from 4.

DETROIT (0-1) at Tampa Bay (0-1) (tomorrow) - Lions desperate to protect Greg Landry after horrible showing against Packers when the quarterback was sacked eight times. However, not much hope for improvement against Tampa pass rush, bulwarked by Lee Roy Selmon and Dave Pear, Detroit by 1 (up from even).

Seattle (0-1) at Pittsburg (1-0) - Jim Zorn enjoyed fine passing day against Chargers and with Steeler pass rush not up to par (because of injury to defensive and Steve Furness) Seahawks could make game interesting. Pittsburgh by 13 (down from 14).

Cincinnati (0-1) at Cleveland (1-0) - Bengals hurting after loss to Chiefs, Ken Anderson still out and John Reaves doesn't seem capable of picking up slack. Cincinnati has lost four starters from defense by trades, retirement and injury, plus three others (Jim LeClair, Ken Riley and Reggie Williams) doubtful or ailing. Browns in fine shape and should make most of home-filed advantage. Cleveland by 6 (up from 5).

Dallas (1-0) at New York Giants (1-0) - Doesn't matter who plays quarterback for Giants, Joe Pisarcik or Jerry Golsteyn, because sooner or later, Harvey Martin will put him on his back. Cowboys class of NFC if not entire league. Dallas by 13 (up from 11).

New Orleans (1-0) at Green Bay (1-0) - Saints have been ambushed by Packers last two outings. New Orleans protection will be tested by improved Packer pass rush, featuring last year's top draft picks, Mike Butler and Eura Johnson, Even.

Houston (0-1) at Kansas City (1-0) - Chiefs ran the ball down threat of Bengal defense last week, with Mark Bailey, second-year fullback, leading the way. Oiler offense will provide stern test of rookie-dominated Kansas City defense, but Dan Pastorind doubtful starter. Houston by 5 (down from 6).

New England (0-1) at St. Louis (0-1) - Perhaps this game should have been scheduled for Norman, Okla., in answer to age-old question: could Bud Wilkinson outcoach Chuck Fairbanks? Pats hurting on defense with injury to Julius Adams while Cards will miss Charlie Davis equally as much. New England by 6 (up from 5).

Atlanta (1-0) at Los Angeles (1-0) - Falcons have never won in Los Angeles, but that doesn't mean they won't show up. Win over Houston behind June Jones not all that surprising, because record shows Atlanta better team without Steve Bartkowski. Keep your eye on rookie running back Ricky Patton, who will replace Haskel Stanback for visitors. Los Angeles by 9.

In other games, the New York Jets are 7-point favorites over Buffalo, up from 4; Denver is a two-point favorite at Minnesota Monday night, up from even; Chicago remains a 3-point favorite over San Francisco; Oakland by 6 over San Diego and Miami and Baltimore are rated even.