Phil Chenier gets out of Sibley Hospital today, his fragmented spinal disk repaired, and while his future as an NBA player remains clouded, the seven-year Bullet guard is "getting along great," according to club officials. Chenier's stitches were removed yesterday and he "took a little walk" for the first time since surgery . . .

Jack Scott is through as Bill Walter's agent, the crutch-ridden basketball star declared yesterday in a statement released by his attorney, Charles Garry, of San Francisco.

The action came barely after Trail Blazer fan Scott was quoted in Portland as saying Walton was angry when Scott suggested the possibility of a last-chance reconciliation with the Blazers. That didn't panout this week, despite Scott's urging to Walton, "To hell with saving face. Save the team."

And just above as former guard Geoff Petrie, the first-ever Trail Blazer, was saying of Walton's defection: "It's sickening. I think it is a real tragedy what Bill has allowed to be said in his name by a couple of people I consider to be social misfits." He referred to Scott and Walton's Portland lawyer, John Bassett.

Walton said, through Garry, he hopes to hook on with a team other than the Blazers by Oct. 1 and "from this day on, I will be speaking for myself alone."