Leonard (Moe) Warren, appointed head football coach at Spingarn High School this summer, will be replaced after only one game as a result of a grievance filled by a disgruntled former assistant coach.

District of Columbia Board of Education Region III Superintendent Andrew Jenkins told Warren Thursday that he would be replaced by former Spingarn assistant Ken Howell effective Monday.

Warren said the Jenkins told him that Howell had filed a grievance when he failed to get the Spingarn coaching position. Howell, another assistant coach, Blair Jackson, and Warren had considered for the position vacated by the retiring Frank Parks.

Spingarn Principal Claude Moten selected Warren based on his varsity head coaching experience (the last two years at Phelps). Neither Jackson, who backed out of contention for the job in favor of Warren, nor Howell, have any head varsity coaching experience.

Jenkin's decision in favor of Howell apparently overrules that the principal's. Normally, according to Parks, who remains as Spingarn's athletic director, a principal hires and fires coaches.

"I'm down about it (Warren's replacement), said Moten. "Warren was the top man for the job. I feel it's hurting the kids to put a junior varsity coach in charge."

Howell was not immediately available for comment.