You may get bored by losing coaches blaming losses on "mistakes", but the year that the Miami Dolphins went 17-0 and won the Super Bowl by beating the Redskins, the Dolphins were the least penalized team in the league, Don Shula recalls.

John Unitas is a "holdout" five years after ending his playing career. He did not agree to terms with CBS and will not be back as an analyst on Sunday game telecasts.

Gene Wheeler, former minor league baseball player and Washington resident, is conducting weekly "Redskin Luncheons" in Federick, with Mark Moseley and Dave Butz the hosts.

The Sporting News invites anyone to find errors in its fact-filled Football Register for 1978.

Bud Wilkinson endeared himself to Jim Hart in the exhibition season by letting the quarterback call his plays for the first time at St. Louis. He responded by completing 36 of 54 passes for a .667 percentage.

James C. Learnard, area scout for the Cincinnati Reds, wonders if owner Bob Irsay of the Baltimore Colts is trying to produce his own linebackers. Son Jimmy, 6-foot-1 and 218 pounds, is a candidate at Southern Methodist. He got some tips while working out in the Colts' training camp to get into condition.

"Even" defenses were used by 75 percent of the NFL clubs 10 years ago; now 65 percent use "odd" defenses. Green Bay experimented with the 3-4 but dropped it after the exhibition season. The Redskins are using a mix.

Tom Landry gets even with critics of his stoicism by saying, "If all the writers are picking the Cowboys to win this year, then I'm nervous. Their accuracy makes me nervous."

Fair warning to kick returners: Rafael Septien of the Cowboys won the Headhunter Award against Baltimore by tackling Marshall Johnson on the way to a probable touchdown. But he missed an 18-yard field goal, partly stoning for it with a 48 yarder.

Jolly John Madden was a melacholy coach after his Oakland Raiders lost to Denver for the second straight time and the Raiders failed to score a touchdown for the second straight game, including an exhibition loss to Los Angeles.

Usually responsive in fair weather or foul, Madden took about five minutes before he answered reporters in his presence. Afterward, he went back out in Mile High Stadium and was seen to dash a towel to the ground before going back to the dressing room.

Dallas has a small problem: Ed (Too Tall) Jones' Super Bowl ring had to be sent back to be enlarged, although the largest size, 19, had been ordered for him.

Nothing succeeds like . . ." The Dallas Cowboys Weekly printed 69,300 copies of its last issue, almost double 1977's single issue press runs.