One thing you can be sure of, Al Davis and John Madden have been spending a lot of time lately worrying about how long the Oaklans Raiders' domination of the AFC West will continue. In fact, that domination ended a year ago when the defending Super Boawl champions were dethroned as division kings by the upstart broncos.

This year, the Raiders have to contend not only with Denver but a vastly improved San Diego. What's more, the two remaining teams in the division. Seattle and Kansas City, are looking more like spoilers than patsies.

Just how improved the Seahawks are in indicated by their performances against the Chargers and Pittsburgh. And not only did Kansas City upset the Bengals and come close to doing the same against Houston, the Chiefs' wing-T offense runs the ball with surprising efficiency, and Oakland, as its squeaky victory over San Diego showed, is vulnerable to the run.

This week's NFL schedule: Washington's over St. Louis, Atlanta 2 over Cleveland, Pittsburgh 6 over Cincinnati, Chicago 3 over Detroit, N.Y. Giants 4 over Kansas City, N.Y. Jets 6 over Seattle, Oakland 10 over Green Bay, Houston 10 over San Francisco, Philadelphia-New Orleans even, Minnesota 11 over Tampa Bay, Denver 5 over San Diego, Dallas 3 over Los Angeles, Miami 12 over Buffalo, New England 17 over Baltimore (Monday).

College Football Saturday: California 1 over Georgia Tech, Baylor 3 over Georgia, Michigan 24 over Illinois, North Carolina State 17 over Syracus. Ohio State 6 over Penn State. Michigan State-Purdue even, Navy 7 over Virginia, Iowa 14 over Northwestern.

Iowa State 13 over San Diego State, Auburn 10 over Kansas State, Alabama 13 over Missouri, Oklahoma 33 over West Virginia, Colorado 11 over Miami (Fla.), Washington 18 over Kansas, Boston College 19 over Air Force, Florida State 14 over Oklahoma State, Florida 6 over Southern Methodist, Kentucky 4 over South Carolina.

UCLA 6 over Tennessee, Virginia Tech 1 over Wake Forest, Arkansas 25 over Vanderbilt, LSU 12 over Indiana, Houston 10 over Memphis State, Texas 25 over Rice, Pittsburgh 12 over Tulane, Arizona State 6 over Brigham Young, Arizona 12 over Oregon State, USC 20 over Oregon.