Everywhere he goes these days, people ask Mark Moseley "what's wrong?"

They wonder if he's got an ingrown toenail, a pulled muscle, a warped shoe or a bad case of the nerves - all because the Redskin kicker actually has had the audacity to miss an extra point and a 35-yard field goal during the first two weeks of the regular season.

"There is absolutely nothing wrong," Moseley said yesterday. "Boy, you miss a couple of kicks and people automatically think you're going to the dogs.

"There's no big deal. 'I'm not in a slump. There's nothing wrong with me physically. I'm having no problems with my leg. Sure, I can sleep at night. Doesn't everyone?"

But not everyone can kick a football as long or as accurately as Moseley, the leading Redskins scorer each of the last four seasons and a man his teammates refer to as The Bionic Leg. That is why, Moseley knows, he is getting all those pesky questions.

"Kickers go through this all the time, I guess," Moseley said. "People don't remember what you did yesterday; it's what did you do for me today. Everybody else on the football team can make a mistake, but when you miss a field goal, they don't forget.

"When I go out on that field it gets costly because it's either points on the boards or no points at all. I can understand why the fans are concerned. For the past four years I've been a major scoring threat, and I don't think that's going to change."

Nor does Redskin Coach Jack Pardee.

"No, I'm not concerned about Mark," Pardee said after yesterday's final major practice in preparation for tomorrow's 2 p.m. game against the Cardinals. "He's not shanking the ball or anything like that, and he's hitting his kickoffs well.

"He hasn't had enough kicks yet this year to get the percentages on his side. But before this is all over, Mark will end up as one of the top kickers in the league. The ones he's missed have just been a little off. The kicks I worry about are the real low ones or the ones that hook. Mark hasn't had any of those. He'll be fine."

Moseley admits he was disappointed in his preseason performance. He missed two of six kicks inside the 40 and was one for four from the 40 to 49 in the exhibition games. He also was kicking with a slightly sore leg that set his training timetable back several weeks.

"Maybe my timing is just a little bit off," he said, "but I've worked real hard this week and I think you'll see it pay off in St. Louis."

Moseley did ask team photographer Nate Fine to film his field goals in Thursday's practice. Yesterday morning his compared the footage to films of several successful games last year and found "absolutely no difference at all."

Moseley also knows a strong performance against the Cardinals will end all the talk. A year ago, he hit four field goals without a miss against the Cardinals despite zero-degree temperatures and a tricky wind. He always has kicked well against St. Louis.

In the Redskins' last four games against the Cardinals - all victories - Moseley has hit 10 of his 15 field-goal attempts, including successes of 40, 41, 42, 44 and 49 yards. "If I get three or four goals Sunday, everybody will forget the last two games," he said.

Moseley will not soon forget last year's game in St. Louis. Joe Sullivan, the Cardinals' director of operations, came onto the field and tried to watch Moseley during pregame warm-ups.

Paul Lanham, coach of the Redskins special teams at the time, asked Moseley to take off his kicking shoe. "Paul just handed it to Sullivan," Moseley recalled. "First he dropped it, then he turned all red in the face.

"Paul told him if he could find anything illegal with the shoe he would pay him $100 on the spot. Sullivan didn't know what to say. And then I went four for four. It would be nice to do it again."

Pardee said Jean Fugett probably will start at tight end and Ron McDole will open at defensive end . . . Fugett still is not totally recovered from a bruised left knee. Pardee said he probably will not ask McDole to play the entire game . . . McDole pulled a muscle in his arm against the Eagles but apparently has recovered sufficiently . . . Pardee said the Cardinals' injury problems and ensuing lineup changes have made it difficult to spot specific tendencies . . . Cardinal receiver Mel Gray has receptions in 60 straight games . . . Two of the five Cardinal running backs - Willie Shelby and Willard Harrell - have been with the team for less than a week. Both were picked off the waiver lists last week.