Defensive end Coy Bacon stomped out of Redskin Park yesterday vowing, "I won't be back here tomorrow, and that's all I'm gonna say."

According to Coach Jack Pardee, Bacon started sizzling after opening the envelope containing his first paycheck of the regular season. "It's like somebody on the job after the first week or two at work and they see the withholding and they say, 'What is this?'" Pardee said.

"It is rather shocking when they see it. But we'll get it worked out, there's no big problem. He came over (after practice) because he wanted to let me know why he was upset. It's nothing to do with football."

Did Pardee expect Bacon back at practice today?

"Yes," he said. "This happens all the time. They get eight checks a year. Look at the annual salary and divide by eight and that's a pretty heavy chunk. I don't know how much Coy makes. I don't even want to know."

Pardee obviously was far more concerned yesterday with the physical condition of Tony Green, the rookie kick return man whose left knee was badly sprained Sunday as he returned a punt against the Cardinals.

Green, as expected, did not practice yesterday. He was examined by team physician Stanford Lavine, who said Green was undergoing normal rehabilitation and that his availability against the Jets Sunday still could not be determined.

Pardee said he probably will list Green as either questionable or doubtful when the Redskins file their injury report with the NFL office today.

"We've got to approach the practice week as if we're going to paly without him," Pardee said. "If he's okey, fine. We'll just be set to play without him and hope he's ready.

"He is a little better today than he was yesterday. The key thing is he's got movement, even though it's limited. With bad knee injuries, they can hardly move it at all.

"But it will be touch and go this week on Tony."

Green said, "I'm not going to die from this thing. It sure feels a lot better. I'm putting more pressure on it and I'll just try and keep working. I want to play this week. I've got friends on the Jets. We'll just wait and see."

Pardee said that if Green is unavailable, rookie J.T. Smith will handle kickoff returns and cornerback Lemar Parrish may be pressed into service on punts.

Parrish handled one punt in the Cardinal game. The Redskins [WORDS ILLEGIBLE] block on and Parrish was told [WORDS ILLEGIBLE] fair catch the ball or [WORDS ILLEGIBLE] bounds quickly. He chose to [WORDS ILLEGIBLE] latter and picked up four yards.

As expected, the Redskins [WORDS ILLEGIBLE] in former Patriot runner [WORDS ILLEGIBLE] for a tryout, but did not sign him [WORD ILLEGIBLE] "Ike's a good back and we wanted to check him out," Pardee said. "There are things you don't see on film. You also want to give him a physical and see what kind of condition he's in, so when you have to make a decision, you have to make a decision, you have what you need" . . . Parrish and tackle Terry Hermeling both have the flue and missed practice . . . The Redskins' new-look offense is ranked fourth overall in the NFC, second rushing and ninth passing. The defense is 11th overall, seventh against the rush and 13th against the pass . . . The Jets rak seventh in the AFC on offense, eighth in rushing, third in passing. Their defense in ninth overall in that conference, seventh against the rush, ninth against the pass . . . Jet kicker Pat Leahy is second in scoring with 23 points (five for five in field goals) and punter Steve Ramsey leads the AFC punting with a 44-yard average.