Bernie Sisk, the Fresno congressman who's Don Quixoted it so long to restore Washington to baseball's major leagues, took the House Floor to sound a warning to his colleagues about Bob Short in the wake of the Nats' mover (to Texas) and Laker shaker (Minneapolis to L.A.) winning nomination to run for the Senate from Minnesota:

"I believe the members who are going to be around would be well-advised to buckle their seatbelts . . . it is very likely that if he is elected to the Senate it will be suggested that the Capitol should be moved - probably somewhere out West . . ."

Bruce Allen, punting son of George, and the Redskins evidently settled out of court their dispute over the team's seizure of a company car last winter off the U. of Richmond campus. So venture the court clerk after none of the parties involved in young Allen's suit against the team showed up for a scheduled trial yesterday in a Fairfax County court, and the case was dismissed. A Richmond senior at the time, Allen complained some belongings were inside the car when it was summarily taken away from him when the Redskins fired his father as coach.

Los Angeles Mayor Tom Bradley has received a letter from President Carter that he reckons removes the last doubt, pending final IOC vote early next month, that the 1984 summer Olympics are coming to California. Carter promised that the federal government will provide "necessary and appropriate assistance" for security costs and concluded, 'I congratulate you on Los Angeles' designation as the host city for the 1984 Games."

Conrad Dobler, Mr. Mean, traded from St. Louis to New Orleans in NFL off season, is lost to the Saints offensive line for the year, already - faces knee surgery. Two capital-area kickers got NFL jobs yesterday, vet John Leypoldt (Washington-Lee H.S.) with Saints replacing Rich Szaro, groin pull, and Nick Lowery (St. Albans) with Patriots for similarly ailing John Smith.

Oh-oh, Cincy Bengal Coach Bill Johnson just got a vote of confidence from Clan Brown . . .

Four months later, NYPD has come up with an arrest in the ambush shooting of boxer Bobby Halpern - charging his former fiance with allegedly hiring two "hit men" to avenge a beating.

Halpern, who spent 17 years in prison on a kidnap-robbery conviction before staging a ring comeback at 44, was shot five times from point-blank range in an East Bronx clothing store.Tough as nails, he survived.

Not a pretty story as police charged Antonia Maria Melendez, 29, with attempted murder, conspiracy to commit murder and criminal weapons possession.