Defensive end Coy Bacon, who walked out of practice Tuesday in a contract dispute, returned to the Redskins yesterday and said that all is well.

"If I wasn't satisfied. I wouldn't be here," he said. Everything is all right. It was just a misunderstanding and it got taken care of. It wasn't that serious. It was something that just wasn't taken care of . . . and it should have been.

The whole thing was blown way out of proportion . . . People made it look like the team and a player were fighting, but that's not the case . . . everything is cool now."

Bacon did not elaborate, but the misunderstanding supposedly was over some incentives in his contract and how they would be paid.

Redskin Coach Jack Pardee, who was visibly upset at Bacon's absence Wednesday, welcomed him with open arms yesterday.

Sure I was glad to see Coy back," Pardee said. "I still don't really know why he wasn't here in the first place."

Bacon was fined for missing a team meeting Tuesday and for missing Wednesday's practice Pardee said. The usual fine is $100 for each offense.

Bacon was not the only new face at Redskin Park yesterday. The team signed running back Ike Forte, formerly of the New England patriots, and, to make room for him, rookie special-teams performer and running back J. T. Smith was released. Forte had been brought in for a tryout Tuesday.

"He's a class player." Pardee said after watching Forte practice yesterday. He's the type of player that if something happened, he could start and do all right."

The Redskins were pressed to obtain another running back after Tony Green sprained knee ligaments in Sunday's victory over the St. Louis Cardinals. That left the team with only three healthy running backs - Jon Riggins. Mike Thomas and Clarence Harmon.

Green has not practiced this week and the Redskins listed him as questionable for Sunday's game with the New York Jets.

"We have no plan on playing without Tony, and if he can play then that's a plus," Pardee said.

"It's still stiff and sore," Green said of his injured knee. "I want to play, but I'll just take it as it comes. I'm quite sure I'll play, unless my leg says, 'No. not this week.' I know I'll be ready for Dallas the next week no matter what."

Green is more valuable to the Redskins as a kick returner than a running back, but he is insurance at that position. He leads the NFC in kickoff and punt returns and is the only player in the NFL to return both a punt and a kickoff for touchdowns this season.

Forte is a three-year veteran from Arkansas. He rushed for 157 yards on 62 carries for the Patriots last year. He also played on the New England special teams.

At 6-foot, 196. Forte is bigger than any of the other Redskin running backs except Riggins.

"I was caught in the numbers game in New England," Forte said. "I plan to do better here. He (Pardee) said I'd be given a chance to play. I realize at first that I will be mainly on the special teams, but I'm ready for that."

Pardee said it was difficult for him to cut Smith. "J.T. was doing a good job," Pardee said. "It wasn't that he wasn't contributing. It's just that we had to have another back and J.T. didn't really have a position. Of course, he's a player I'd love to have back."

Smith played on most of the Redskin special teams and was Green's backup as a kickoff and punt returner. He was also a reserve wide receiver, running back and defensive back. He returned four punts for 33 yards and one kickoff for 18.

With Green's status for Sunday uncertain and Smith no longer with the team, the search has started for a kick and punt returner. Pardee and John Hilton, the special teams' coach, had a number of players handle both punts and kickoffs after practice yesterday.

"We plan to get several of them ready," Pardee said, "and if we start off with one guy, that doesn't mean we'll stay with him the whole game. The game situation may have something to do with that."

Donnie Harris, Harmon and Forte all handled kickoffs and Hormon, Ricky Thompson, Lemar Parrish and Mike Murphy caught punts.

Parrish is the only Redskin on the roster other than Green, who has returned a punt this year, and no one other than Green has returned a kickoff.

Dave Butz, who missed Wednesday's practice with a bruised hell, practiced yesterday.