It is Dallas Week at Redskin Park and so it is no more Mr. Nice Guy for Jack Pardee.

"Do you dislike the Cowboys?" Pardee was asked during his press conference yesterday afternoon.

"Yes," he said, with an impish little grin. "I never have liked them. I was from Texas and playing in Los Angeles when they came into the league. I just heard so much about them down there - everybody was always talking about them, so I developed a dislike before I came to Washington.

"And when I got here, I really learned to dislike them."

The gospel according to Coach George Allen contained equal doses of venom and vituperation, with lots of snapping and snarling thrown in for good measure, the week before the Redskins took on the hated Cowboys.

As the player under Allen, during the 1972 season, Pardee got involved when he complained bitterly and publicly about crackback blocks thrown at him by Cowboy receiver Lance Alworth.

No, Pardee insisted yesterday. Allen did not put him up to jabbing at the Cowboys. "It was my idea," he said. "They were sending their wide receiver in motion, and as he'd get a good head of steam up, the ball was snapped and he was hitting me in the leg from the blind side.

"I didn't think that was a real great tactic. They eventually changed the rule. You can't do that any more.It was a vicious block and that's why they outlawed it.

"They also come across with this superior being type thing," Pardee went on, "and that's what makes it more gratifying to knock them off . . . superior scouting, superior coaching, superior talent, you hear it all the time.

"They do a heck of a job. I admire the guy (Cowboy Coach Tom Landry): he is one of the all-time coaches. I take my hat off to them for what they've accomplished, how they've maintained it and stayed on top. But it still makes it fun to beat them."

The fact the Redskins are undefeated and in sole possession of first place in the NFC East, and because the game is at home and on national television, should make it that much more enjoyable, Pardee said.

Pardee also believes the Cowboys' somewhat lackluster performances over the last few weeks should not be taken as a sign of weakness.

"They're the defending Super Bowl champions," he said. "Since their first game (a 38-0 victory over the Colts) it looks like they've been talking it easy and getting ready for the Redskins.

"They won so easily during the preseason and then against Baltimore in the opener. Since then, they've just been coasting."

"A week like this you don't need to spend much time on motivational speeches," he added. "The players know when you are playing a team like this. If we're going to win the division we've got to beat the Cowboys.

"We know we're not going to get much help. If the Cowboys are going to be losing, we're going to have to be the ones to beat them. Our players know what's at stake.

"We're going to have to play our best, and if we do that, we'll take our chances. I think out players will be ready to go."

All but one, that is.

Danny Buggs, the leading Redskin receiver with 11 catches, suffered a slightly separated right shoulder in the 23-3 victory Sunday against the Jets.

Though he was declared out of action for at least 10 days immediately following the game, Pardee insisted yesterday he would not totally rule Buggs out against the Cowboys.

"It's certainly doubtful that he'll be ready," Pardee said. "But we'll keep the door open if he responds and gets better he'll play. But we do have to get ready to go without him."

The Redskins have three healthy wide receivers in Frank Grant, Ricky Thompson and John McDaniel, all of whom shuttled in and out after Buggs went down early in the second period. That will continue against Dallas, barring injury Pardee said.

As a precaution, Pardee also will work tightends Jean Fugett and Reggie Haynes on the outside during practice this week.

"They're both good receivers and either one of them has the speed to move outside if we need him," Pardee said. "This was one purpose of keeping three tight ends, Greg McCarry is the other, so that one of them could go outside.

"No, we wouldn't add one (to the roster). I think Reggie or Jean would be as good as any other receiver we could bring in right now."

McCarry also will be available against the Cowboys, even though he was knocked unconscious for several minutes in the Jets game and spent Sunday night at Sibley Hospital for observation.

He was released from the hospital yesterday morning.

The Redskins will not resume practicing until Wednesday because of the Monday night game. "We had a pretty physical game against the Jets and the rest will help our players," Pardee said. "It'll also help the coaching staff get a little more preparation.

"The Cowboys do so many things, and the worst thing in the world is to let Dallas confuse you. The extra day just gives us more time to sort out what's important and what's not."

The Redskins have never lost a Monday night game at home in six contests. Overall, they are 10-3 . . . Dallas leads the NFL in scoring with 107 points, the Redskins are second with 102 . . . Coy Bacon leads the Redskins in sacks with 4 1/2.