Hill joins the Browns in time to run into the Oilers on Sunday, if need be - but Houston Coach Bum Phillips has more pressing problems Starting QB Dan Pastorini walked off the Oilers practice field yesterday following a hasle with Phillips, evidently over who would call plays in clutch situations. Ken Shipp, offsive coordinator, "got onto" Pastorini for a fourth-quarter interception he threw in Sunday's loss to the Rams, and they are not seeing eye to eye on who will call the plays in future clutch situation - quarterback or coaches.

Will Pastorini be placated in time for the game? "I'm betting my job on it," said Phillips.

Chuck Foreman fans: that injury the Frederick native-Gaithersburg businessman incurred in the Monday night Viking win over evidently is minor: bruised right knee, he expects to play Sunday versus Tampa Bay.

The NCAA has its day today before the House subcommittee that for a year has been looking into the collegiate body's enforement of it rules. Now it's the turn of NCAA's executive director, Walter Byers, and president, J. Neils Thompson of U. of Texas, to try to persuade the congressmen they do, too, provide due process and fair, equitable treatment in investigating and penalizing alleged violations. Tomorrow, Chairman John E. Moss (D-Calif). and colleagues continue with what should be the final hearing day of their probe.

Bowie Kunh, noting that the World Series opens at 8:30 p.m. EDT Oct 10 and Yom Kippur starts at sundown that date, expressed "personal regret" that the opener will conflict with the observance of the most solemn Jewish holiday - but "no matter how much we dislike the conflict it cannot practically be avoided." If the Cubs had won the pennant, forcing a day game, it would have been avoided; as is, television prevails again.

ABC-TV must have given the nod to start in other than prime time - the Lake Placid organizing committee has carded Wednesday afternoon, Feb. 13, for the 1980 Winter Olympic opening ceremonies. Eighty sports events over 12 days and they'll close in the premium 9 p.m. slot, Monday, Feb. 24.