Knick "small" 6-5 forward Jim McMillian has been playing in Spain, poised to sign for regular duty in European pro ball, while watching developments. Like guard Earl Munroe, McMillian reportedly is gone from Madison Square Garden unless he accepts a paycut . . . Hmmm; 7-foot-1 athletes? Spain? Arthur Beatty, American U. 68 - the 7-1 center whose AU scoring and rebounding No. 2 nationally exploits Kermit Washington tried to make 'em forget - is back in town and showing class. Through Oct. 14, at the Govinda gallery, 1227 34th St. NW. in Georgetown, you'll find (free admission) on diaplay a collection of "Mystical Landscapes" by surrealistic Art(ist) Beatty. "I've been a professional painter for 10 years," he said. "Had about 15 exhibitions abroad and the 'Landscapes,' stressing Mediterranean colors, were done while I lived in Spain (7 years) and Morocco."

William E. Simon, former Secretary of the Treasury, is part of a group discussing possible purchase of the Orioles, the Baltimore News American quotes sources as saying (while failing to confirm the report with Simon). What say, Jerry Hoffberger? One thing, say Chairman Hoffberger, people are bugging him every day about whether anyone is dickering for "this bloody ball club." Another thing, "Maybe he (Simon) has caled me. That's (his and my) personal business."