An intriguing question: Will the Redskins rate highest on Reggie McKenzie's shopping list after the Buffalo guard, former point man for O. J. Simpson, plays out his option with the Bills this season? He is 28.

Jack Pardee's opinion may be proved wrong but he was right about the possibility of three playoff teams coming from the NFC East. The new system provides that from each conference there will be the three division winners in the playoffs, plus two non-division winners with the best won-lost records.

If it is any consolation to the St. Louis Cardinals, a spokesman for the Toronto Argonauts says Terry Metcalf has gone "downhill" in the Canadian Football League after a good start.

The Argonauts were 3.9 and last in the the Eastern Division before last night's game. Metcalf has missed one game with a knee injury and saw limited action after jamming a big toe on artificial turf.

He played behind a superb offensive line at St. Louis, but the spokesman says changes in Toronto's offensive line have caused problems. And, of course, opponents key on Metcalf.

He had only 121 carries in 12 games for 468 yards, a 3.9-yard average. His longest run was 26 yards and he had scored two touchdowns. He caught 26 passes for 202 yards; the longest was 34. He returned 21 punts for 193 yards, the longest 35 yards and returned 12 kickoff for 311 yards, the longest 54.

Having picked Detroit over the Redskins by one point, the tipsheet SCORE is favoring Philadephia over Washington by 10 points.

A reminder to the Los Angeles Rams: the Minnesota Vikings have blocked six kicks in six games - two conversions and a field goal attempt were thwarted by Alan Page, a field goal try by Mark Mullaney, a punt by Steve Craig and a conversion try by Matt Blair.

Page was let go to Chicago at age 32. He was trying to play defensive tackle at a listed weight of 230, though insiders said it was more like 222. He used to play at 245. George Allen once remarked that Deacon Jones played as light as 218 for the Rams, but his style was keyed to speed.

The saying is that a team has to establish a running game before establishing a passing game right? Well, running the ball is about all Mary Levy's Kansas City team has been able to do, but its first touchdown on a pass came in the sixth game.

This is the week that was toughest on the fan's wallet - unless he settled for television. Pro football, college football and the baseball World Series overlapped the opening of pro basketball and pro hockey.

The current artistic and financial success of the Pittsburgh Steelers recalled owner Art Rooney's quotation from less prosperous days: "The biggest thrill wasn't winning on Sunday, but meeting the payroll on Monday."

Out of consideration for fans with poor seats, the Dallas Cowboys have provided visual aids on the field for a better frame of reference. The 20-yard lines have been emphasized with narrow red chalk lines parallel to the white lines.

The league already did a service for television fans who miss some action, and wonder which yard line they are looking at, by having arrows painted on the field pointing toward the respective goal lines.

The Rams won their first six games in 1973, lost to Minnesota, 10-9, lost the next game to Atlanta, then won six straight to finish 12-%.

A Cleveland publicity release says that when Calvin Hill left the Redskins after two weeks in camp and later decided to look for another team, Los Angeles showed interest in him. George Allen was still coach of the Rams then.