If the Redskins want to know how they stand in the NFC East after Sunday's game against the New York Giants in East Rutherford, N.J., all they have to do is take a slight detour on the way to the Newark airport.

Flying above Manny's, the place where the Giants dwell when they want to slake a dusty thirst, will be the five flags of the NFC East teams, in the order of their standings.

Of more moment to the Redskins, is a sign inside, over the bar. It says, "John McVay Has Never Lost to a Redskins Team."

It is the remnant of a gag left over from when George Allen was coaching the Redskins and year after year would harp on how long it had been since the Giants beat a "George Allen-coached team."

It got up to 11 straight before McVay took over a coach of the Giants and won his first contest against Washington.

Right away, Arty the bartender arranged for the sign to be draped above the mirror, "John McVay Has Never Lost to A George Allen-Coached Team."

Now the Gitants' streak has reached three. On top of that, Manny said yesterday, "the Giants are going to beat the Redskins by 10 points."

Of such stuff are legends - and bars - made. Like Holzer's drug store in Green Bay that displays all the memorabilia of the Packers' past. Mike Manuche's restaurant in New York City used to be the Giants' hangout before they moved to Jersey.

"Manny's" is in Moonachie, N.J., 2 1/2 miles from Giants Stadium. Larry Csonka, Jack Gregory, Doug Kotar, Brian Kelly, Troy Archer and Gary Jeter are regulars.

In fact, Manny said Archer and Jeter "had some words" there last week. "Archer told Jeter he is recovered from his injury and intends to take back his job on the defensive line from Jeter.

After Giants' home games the players bring their wives and children to Manny's, where there is a private room for them for a buffet. Fans may get autographs there.

For Monday night games on television, there is a Giants player on hand as a guest speaker. A football autographed by the Giants is raffled off; "Who's Who in Pro Football" books are given away. The Cosmos soccer players and the New Jersey Nets also make it social headquarters. NFL products are sold.

When the Cowboys played at Giants Stadium, publicist Doug Todd went outside to see if the Cowboys' Super Bowl pennant was arrayed in "first place" on the roof.

Manny said Sonny Jurgensen was in last week before he was the analyst on the Tampa Bay-Giants game and will be in before doing the Jets-St. Louis game at Shea Stadium, on Sunday.

Giants publicist took Redskin publicist Charely Taylor there yesterday and that is why Jack Pardee may have some motivating material for the Redskins' bulletin board. And, oh, yes, the Redskin flag was in first place.