The Redskins must have noticed, if they looked at the Dallas Cowboys' second victory over the New York Giants on film, that though Roger Staubach is mobile and passes from the more-protective shotgun formation on long yardage, he took quite a working-over.

He was sacked five times, was the victim in two roughing-the-passer violations by the Giants, was forced to run out of the pocket four times and a flattened on the last of his three touchdown passes and didn't see the catch.

The Giants reportedly are bringing along slowly No. 1 draft choice, Gordon King of Stanford, because they think it is difficult for an offensive tackle to break in on the left side in pro ball. Yet the New York jets are having good fortune with their No. 1 pick at that starting position, Chris Ward of Ohio State.

Honk if you believe in biorhythns, and bet on Seattle, a seven'point underdog, to beat Oakland by 24 to 21. That's the H&H Predictions "biorhythm game of the week." The Redskins are picked to beat the Giants, by 24 to 14, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to beat the Chicago Bears, by 20 to 10.

The three nerworks are paying the National Football League more than half a billion dollars for television rights over the next four years but that did not stop Commissioner Pete Rozelle from reacting like a standup commissioner and criticizing lingering close-ups of the pitiable image of Tommy Kramer of Minnesota convulsing on the ground after suffering a concussion.

Flashback: It was Houston's victory that eliminated Cincinnati last season and enabled Pittsburgh to back into the playoffs. Coach A.O. (Bum) Phillips of the Oilers said at that time , "I'm sure they love us in Pittsburgh today, but they won't remember when we go up there next year."

"Next year" is Monday night and the Oilers have won only once at Three Rivers Stadium, 13-10, in 1974. Though they are the only AFC Central team to win there, the Oilers (4-3) are 0-4 in Monday nights and the Steelers (7-0) have a 7-3 rerocd in Monday night football.

Vice president Don Shula of Miami is doing better with his trade for running back Delvin Williams than vice president Joe Thomas is with his trade for O.J. Simpson. Williams is leading the AFC with 663 yards, has a 5.1 yard average and three touchdowns. Gimpy-kneed Simpson has 463 yards, a 3.5-yard average and no touchdowns.

More trouble for Baltimore: Hyperkinetic middle linebacker Randy Gradishar of Denver may achieve his 100th "first hit" today against the Colts. He had 145 first hits and 74 assisted tackles in 1977, but already has 94 first hits this season and 46 assists. Projected over the new 16-game schedule he should go well over 200 initial impacts.

Proving that he was not merely the beneficiary of the Baltimore Colts' system, Lydell Mitchell has moved into high gear in his first two full games with San Diego, under new Coach Don Coryell, with 38 rushes for 142 yards and two touchdowns and 15 catches for 115 yards and a touchdown. He ranks third in the AFC in receptions with 28.

The Los Angeles Rams report that Eddie Brown, the former Redskins, still has his injured leg in a cast.

What is wrong with the Minnesota Vikings? Their longest runs against the Rams were for four yards, by Chuck Foreman and Robert Miller. Bring back arm-wrestling champion and guard Ed White, traded to San Diego.