Jean Fugett stayed in the trainer's room, Ron McDole stayed with the second team and Jack Pardee stayed with his stonewalling routine on the quarterback situation as the Redskins completed their last heavy workout yesterday in preparation for tomorrow's game against the 49ers at RFK Stadium.

Fugett, the Redskin's starting tight end, missed another day of practice with a sore left knee, and Pardee said he probably will start second-year man Reggie Haynes at the position against San Francisco, the fifth major lineup change in a week.

Pardee also said yesterday he probably will start Tony Green at tailback and alternate him with Benny Malone. Other significant lineup changes will find Billy Kilmer opening at quarterback, Gerard Williams at cornerback in place of injured Lemar Parrish and Karl Lorch at defensive end ahead of McDole, who says he really doesn't understand why.

"I guess they feel they want to go with him and that's the way life is," said McDole, who has a string of 148 straight starts to his credit. "So now I become New York Life. I'm the new accident insurance policy, I guess.

"After 15 years of being a starter, it's not your everyday occurence. These things usually happen when you're losing, but we're still in first place. I have been injured some, with a bad shoulder that's probably going to need an operation later on. But I can live with it and I can play with it.

"But I work for them and I can't do much about it. I'm playing the same as I've always played. I'm making tackles. I don't think we're losing because of the way I'm playing. But what can you do?"

Pardee said he still plans to use McDole and that he was giving Lorch most of the time in practice this week "because he's been playing more and more and not really getting enough time in the drills that he needs. But we'll still play them both."

And what about his quarterback situation? He was asked. Would there be an announcement before tomorrow?.

"No," Pardee said. "If I open up and say Joe (Theismann) is the quarterback, what will people say? That I lied? As long as I don't announce it, I can go whichever way I want."

He wants Kilmer, and the veteran quarterback once again took the majority of plays in seven-on-seven and 11-on-11 drills while Theismann's major contribution was holding for place-kicker Mark Moseley's field-goal and extra-point practice.

Pardee also would like to be able to use Fugett tomorrow, but said he probably would not be able to practice again today. Fugett had a cyst on his knee drained Tuesday and is limping.

"I suppose he'll be available to play, but it's bad enough that it's bothering him," Pardee said. "The worst part of it is you get into the law of diminishing returns. If he works out, he doesn't paly as well and if he does practice, he might make it worse and not be able to play well."

Fugett, on the other hand, said he thought he would be available and would like to play. "I really believe I'm due for a big day," he said. "I hope it's this week.

"It's really important for me to do well and to help the offense," he said. "The last few weeks I really haven't done anything significant. Jack talks about making big plays all the time. I had a chance to make one against the Giants and it just didn't work out. If I make that catch in the first quarter, we just might roll and get back some of our confidence."

Fugett has only 11 catches so far this season, five of them for touchdowns.

"I'm not disappointed because we're winning and I'd rather go to the Super Bowl than catch a lot of passes," he said."There's also been a real good balance with the receivers, the best since I've been here, with the quarterbacks having confidence in all the receivers.

"In the past, they looked at me more often, and they don't have to do that any more. I'm also getting my share of double coverage, especially around the goal line. And the way we were playing earlier in the season, we were getting early leads and we didn't really have to throw the ball as much."

Fugett insists he does not believe his sore left knee is the major reason for his declining production, although he admitted yesterday: "It's been frustrating mentally going home at night and thinking about how you used to be able to run and cut and move.

"This is the first year I've really thought about retiring because I haven't been up to the standards physically to play the way I did in the past.

"The knee is better than it was at the beginning of the season; it's stronger. But it's bothered me all year and I don't think it's ever going to get completely well during the season just because you don't have time to rest it.

"It's never been quite the way it was last year as far as extension, flexibility and the ability to cut. I'm relying more on experience now. That really helps, especially when you run against a lot of zone defenses. You just learn how to adjust and there's a variety of techniques you use.

"I just try not to think about it, because there's really nothing you can do."

Pardee was obviously delighted by the Vikings' upset victory over the Cowboys Thursday night, a loss that put the Redskins back in sole possession of first place in the NFC East . . . "That's how quickly this game can change," Pardee said. "A few weeks ago, the Vikings were staggering and now they're playing as well as anyone. Dallas is having a hard time getting cranked up, but I'm not as worried about them as I am in getting our own club going" . . . Mike Thomas missed another day of practice and will not play tomorrow. . . .