Quarterback Steve Grogan of the New England Patriots said it was "like rolling dice and it kept coming up a seven for us."

Grogan's hot hand produced 15 pass completions in 19 first-half attempts for 281 yards and four touchdowns in a 55-21 breeze past the New York Jets yesterday.

It was the Patriots' sixth straight victory and raised their record to 7-2 as leaders in the AFC East.

The Patriots shocked the Jets by scoring 21 points in the first quarter and went on to roll up 529 yards of total offense. They scored on their seven possessions and threw only two passes in the second half.

The Jets started a rookie left cornerback, Bobby Jackson of Florida State, and when he tried to play wide receiver Harold Jackson man-to-man the result was disastrous.

Harold Jackson caught five passes for 118 yards and two touchdowns.

Tight end Russ Francis also caught a scoring pass.

Grogan said the Patroits expected the Jets to play man-to-man pass coverage and do a lot of blitzing.

"We worked hard on picking up bliztes," Grogan said, "but they did not do as much as we expected."

Coach Chuck Fairbanks of New England was asked if he ever felt sorry for a coach in Walt Michael's situation with the Jets.

"I never want to see a coach embarrassed," Fairbanks said. "I've known the good and the bad myself."

The Jets tried to run the ball on the Patriots, who came into the game with the No. 1 rushing defense inthe American Football Conference.

The Jets gained only 104 yards rushing and when quarterback Matt Robinson went to the pass he hit only eight of 20 attempts for 72 yards.

The Jets managed only 276 yards of total offense. New England kept the ball away from them by running off 64 plays to the Jet's 61.

The Jets are 5-4, their winning streak ended at four games.

The Patriots marched 65 yards with the opening kickoff, then went 65, 42, 76, 41 and 86 yards for touchdowns in the first half. They staged another long drive for a touchdown the only time they had possession in the third quarter.

Grogan set the tempo on the first play of the game. He faked a pass into the right flat, then tossed a screen shot to Sam Cunningham, who went 30 yards for a first down at the New York 35.

The Patriots then turned it into a rout. The Jets were not only embarrassed, but physically hurt, five players were sidelined with injuries.

New York also lost offensive lineman Darrell Austin, who was ejected with New England tight end and special teams player Don Hasselbeck for a slugfest in the second period, after New England's fourth touchdown.

Grogan, given outstanding protection by his blocking strikes of 11 and 28 yards to Harold Jackson, 30 yards to Stanley Morgan and 11 yards to Russ Francis.

Grogan, who had two passes dropped by receivers, aslo set up Horace Ivory for two scoring runs in the second period as he picked apart the Jets' defense with his aerial blitz.

The Patriots mercifully called off the horses in the second half. Grogan engineered an 88-yard scoring drive without throwing a pass in the third period and then gave way to backup quarterback Tom Owen in the fourth quarter.

Owen, a five-year pro, made his first, regular-season appearance since Oct. 18, 1976, while Grogan's iron-man strength was broken. Grogan had gone the distance in 30 consecutive games.

The Jets (5-4) picked up a touchdown with the help of a pass interference call at the New England seven in the first period, with Bruce Harper diving for the score. New York added consolation touchdowns on Tom Newton's short plunges, the second with just 52 seconds remaining.

"We have a very young team and I've said we'll have days like this," said Michaels. "It reminded me of the time when I played with the Cleveland Browns and we got beaten 50 to something by Detroit in a championship game.

"We just didn't play well. They got those three early scores and . . . It was a combination of things. Everything they did, offensively and defensively, they did well."