Muhammad Ali vs. Mike Rossman for the heavyweight championship: Top Ranks Bob Arum confirms negotiations are being conducted to match em up. "It's very close," Arum said, to being arranged for Buenos Aires in late February or early March - 'but . . . a lot of details to be worked out. If it's going to happen, we'll know in the next week to 10 days." Rossman, 22, won the light heavy title the night Ali regained his WBA crown in New Orleans, and their meeting is contingent on the Jewish Bomber defending successfully against Aldo Traversero in Philadelphia Dec. 5.

Leon Spinks? He not only won a one-week court delay on a charge of failing to control a motor vehicle in one of the two accidents he had around Elyria, Ohio, last week - but East Cleveland police have found his stolen 1978 Cadillac. Taken three weeks ago, it turned up behind an apartment minus hubcaps, radio and tape player and with sum roof and steering column damaged. That's besides the damage to his $13,000 silver 1979 Corvette from running through a fence Oct. 21 and front-end destruction to the Corvette in a Saturday night wreck.

Tom Watson, it's official, finished the 1978 PGA circuit with a record $362,429 winnings, for another record $673,082 over two successive seasons. No. 2, Gill Morgan $267,459; No. 3, Andy Bean $267,241; No. 4, occasional entrant Jack Nicklaus $256,672. Washington's Lee Elder nailed 13th place, $152,198. Arnold Palmer, 94th, 27,073. Don't bother scanning the list in Scoreboard for Johny Miller - he didn't make the top 100.