Thomases, Thomases. So on the other hand, we relay the report from the Tampa Bay trainer, Tom Oxley, that Buc fullback Jimmy DuBose played almost all of the 1977 season with a cracked heel bone.

DuBose, now recovering from knee surgery, had what Oxley called "a crack, nondisplaced fracture . . . quite painful to him buy by using a device something like an arch pad made out of plastic and nylon, we were able to transfer his weight forward on the foot and he was able to play without pain."

Or at least, without complaining about the pain.

Whatever happened to Soviet tennis star Olga Morosova? The 1974 Wimbledon finalist took time out to have a baby, now is readying to come back in the Federation Cup next month . . . Romania's Olympic gymnastics champ, Nadia Comaneci, says she will retire from competition after the 1980 Moscow Olympics. She'll be an ancient 18 then . . .

By vote of the major league players for the Sporting News, rookies of the year: AL, Paul Molitor, Milwaukee second baseman, and Rich Gale, Kansas City pitcher; NL. Bob Horner, Atlandta third baseman, and Don Robinson, Pittsburgh pitcher.

Mike Marshall, the relief pitcher, says if the Twins won't pay him $150,000 he could lose his gratitude for Manager Gene Mauch's salvaging him last summer - "If someone would offer much more . . . I would have to consider it, especially in the National League, because I hate the (AL's) designated hitter rule." He called DH a travesty because it cuts down on relief pitchers' appearances. His 106 for the 1974 Dodgers is the record.