O.J. Simpson, such a big help in the San Francisco 49ers' compilation of a 1-3 log, tossed a Juicy jab yesterday in the back of departing Coach Pete McCulley:

"It was quite apparent something had to be done . . . We'd start a game, we'd do well in the beginning and then we'd seem to get frazzled. And the team would look around for some direction on the field and, once the situation got tough, we seemed to have no direction."

Now, as to new Coach Fred O'Conner, McCulley's offensive coordinator (who now will call the plays), Simpson offers by comparison. "He's a very intelligent person . . . the type of spontance ous talker that thinks while he's moving, thinks on his feet, I think that, more than anything, may have been what we lacked up to now."

Is that any reflection on the fact McCulley came to the 49ers from George Allen's (Redskin) staff and O'Connor from Jack Pardee's (Bear) board of strategy? presonal-services contract with Racer "owner" (?) Nelson gkalbesia last spring - now moves to the Education club Skalbania "used to" (?) own.

Skalbania, described as "a former owner of the Oilers who is reported to still be owed money for the sale of the team in his hometown," became an absentee owner of the Hoosier club last year, saving it from folding then. But 1978-79 ticket sales have been so bad the Racers let go three other players, a veep and a p.r. director while selling Gretzky and mates to Edmonton.