The Bullets' backcourt will get a much-needed boost tonight with the return of Larry Wright, who has been out two weeks with a sprained foot.

Wright, the lightning bug speedstar, worked out for the first time with the team yesterday and is expected to suit up for the 8.05 p.m. meeting with the San Anfonio Spurs in Capital Centre.

"I'm still not 100 percent," Wright said, "but at least the swelling has gone down and I can put weight on it. I had to be on crutches for a while after I first hurt it."

Wright sprained the foot in cellision with Detroit's Ben Poquette. He has missed six games, five of which the Bullet lost.

Until the injury, Wright was off to a fine start. hHe was averaging 14 points, shooting 67 percent and had committed only three turnovers in the first three games.

Wright is one of the keys to an effective Bullet running game, which they will need in order to compete with the Spurs, who are benefiting from the NBA's tighter restriction on physical contact.

Washington likes to muscle the thinner but quicker Spurs. But if the game is called closely by the referees, a more potent weapon could be the fast break. In the playoffs last year, the Bullets consistently outran the Spurs, who had been considered one of the league's top run-and-gun teams.

Wright is the quickest player in the Bullet backcourt and is employed by Coach Dick Motta to pick up the tempo. However, he probably won't be able to play that long tonight since his conditioning has been affected by the layoff.

"I'll be glad to see Larry back," sayd playmaker Tom Henderson. "I've been playing conservatively and trying not to make mistakes with him out. But he gets us running and it will be good to have him come in and work on them."

The Bullets also will be getting their first shot at George Gervin since the outlawing of hand-checking. Last year, Washington tried to control the Iceman by making him work on defense and by leaning on him offensively. But under the new rules, he is more free to roam.

He is leading the league in scoring with a 32-point average, making almost 60 percent of his attempts. He was the No. 1 scorer last season with a 27.3 average.

Motta missed yesterday's practice to attend his parents' 50th wedding anniversary party . . . Youngsters attending tonight's game will receive a replica of the Bullets championship-ring.