Maybe the Redskins ought to bug the New York Giants' locker room today at RFK Stadium.

Linebacker Dan Lloyd of the Giants is a Gen George Patton buff. He has a tape of the sound track from the movie which featured George Scott and plays it before the kickoff, to arouse teammates.

Lloyd also writes quotations on the blackboard in the dressing room. Before the last victory over the Redskins, Lloyd wrote, "Let's not go into this battle half-hearted. We have to kill the b . . ."

They may be the "Rhineston Cowboys" off their recent performances but Dallas has a 19.5 record against American Football Conference opponents. Miami has a 20.5 record against NFC clubs, which mostly indicates the two teams are the best representatives of their conferences. The AFC won all four games over the NFC last week for a 19-15 lead in the 52-game series.

A Baltimore fan who never will forget "Bullet Bert" Jones' performance against the Redskins was a teen-aged kid the Colits' quarterback favored to "warm him up" Monday night in Memorial Stadium.

Early arrivals got the impression that Jones was enjoying himself like a kid when he appeared on the empty field wearing a coach's cap turned backward and pampered the youngster's ego by lobbing 50-yard throws to him. If the quarterback was feigning pain later, as the Redskins said, some of them might find it valuable to take acting lessons. He showed an effective straight arm while running.

Tony Dorsett was not amused by the nickname hung on him by a Miami newspaper before his Cowboys played the Dolphins - "Sleeping Beauty."

There goes Roger Staubach's stained-glass image. He's driving a Persche.

The Dallas Cowboys Weekly did not know that Randy White was married last month until a woman reporter dropped by the practice field to interview him.

Sportscaster Hank Stram is running five miles a day so he won't have to replace his wardrobe as the fashion plate of the airways.

Seriously . . . Tom Landry predicated Dorsett would rush for 1,500 yards this season. He needs 781 yards, or an average of 1302 the last six games. He has averaged 16 carries. At that rate he would have to average 829 yards a carry.

Tim Stokes, the former Redskins offensive tackle, was a game captain last week for the Green Bay.The Packers lost to the Eagles.