Pro football nowadays is a scream.

Bob Irsay again. The Colt owner was so upset with the officiating in Seattle, the hospitality of the Seahawks and the reinjury to Bert Jones that he threatened to sue all the officials in the NFL "for $5 million. The hell with Pete Rozelle, let's see what the federal court has to say." Seahawk employes locked him into his owner's box, he fumed, preventing him from rushing to the field and locker room to tell people off . . ..

But in Buffalo, owner Ralph Wilson made it to the game officials' dressing room in his Bills' stadium and verbally blasted away. "The game from us,' a red-faced Wilson shouted to reporters before "I told the officials face to face that they stole a chance for us to win the game. His wrath, supported by TV replay, was mainly over a ruling that Roland Hooks trapped, not caught, a Joe Ferguson pass as a late drive toward erasing Miamis 25-24 lead failed. "And, Wilson concluded, "if Mr. Rozelle fines me, I won't pay the fine.'

How about former Stuart High fullback Ray Friday blocking Saturday for Georgia Tech's Eddie Lee Ivery in his NCAA-record 356-yard rushing spree - Friday also diverting the Air Force defense with TD runs of 67 and 43 yards of his own?