The Philadelphia Phillies, assumed front-runners in the Pete Rose signing derby, are going around telling their fans that if they land the old hustler they will dangle first baseman Richie Hebner as trade bait for a starting pitcher.

Paul Owens, general manager, told the TD Club of South Jersey that Rose is being offered a three-year contract and "the only logical place for Pete is to move him perhaps to first base . . . and I would have Hebner left over, so to speak . . . a good, quality player with a lot of value. So I might be able to go out and get the one pitcher I need.

"I spoke to Pete (now in Japan with the Cincinnati Reds) about it and he did ask, 'Have you and Danny decided where to play me if I come over?' and I said my first guess would be first base.He said, 'Fine, because I'm already breaking in two gloves.'" See How They Run

Patty Wilson, 16, completes a three-month, 2,000-mile run from Minneapolis tomorrow to help dispel the myths about epilepsy by showing that most epileptics can do whatever the rest o us do - or more more. Area runners are expected to join her for the last 3.7 miles down Massachusetts Avenue (from Macomb) and 16th Street NW to Lafayette Park; joining in will be New Mexico Gov. Jerry Apodaca, new chairman of the President's Council on Physical Fitness, and Redskin's alumni Brig Owens and Roy Jefferson . . . On Sunday, 6-10 p.m. at Chapter II Super Club in Southwest, it's Jefferson's turn for honors: a roast and toast put on by Harold Bell (and, yes, the Nike shoe outfit) to salute old no. 80 for his several civic contributions and to benefit New Jerusalem Baptist Church's youth program.

Determined runners?Don't omit Dennis Rainear, 26, of Midland, Mich., who in running the Grand Valley marathon in his home are Nov. 4 felt something "about the size of a brick" hit his ahead at about the 10-mile mark. He thought it was a rock and kept running - hoping to break three hours so as to qualify for the 1979 Boston Marathon - but took 3.09. Then he found he'd run the last 16 miles with a .22-calibre bullet in his skull - presumably a hunter's stray shot. No serious damage or bleeding and now Will Cloney, Boston Marathon director, after hearing Rainear was disappointed because he was slowed up, has declared heck with the nine minutes over and invited the young chemist to the April 16 classic. Upward Bound

The other National League division winner, Los Angeles, in signing Derrel Thomas from the reentry draft for five years, says he will fill the void created by defecting Lee Lacy and Billy North's free-agent search for greener pastures - Thomas has played extensively both in the infield and in center field. The Dodgers especially need insurance in cf, with Rich Monday forever getting hurt or going into drastic slumps.

NCAA on ABC, latest shuffles: Notre Dame-USC moved from Friday, Nov. 24, to Saturday, Nov. 25 as TV nightcap to Ohio State-Michigan; Penn State-Pitt moves up from that Saturday to Friday so the country can see No. 1 versus its archrival.

Standard equipment in NHL clubhouses? St. Louis Blues' rowdy defenseman Steve Durbano, prepping to start his season late following a viral infection, broke his hand - on a punching bag in the dressing room. Makes you wonder.

How good is that 7-foot-9 Chinese national team center due for showing tomorrow at D.C. Armory? He went against U. of San Francisco's 7-1 Bill Cartwright the other night (USF, 103-59) and scored four points: Cartwright got 35.