Rick Lipscomb of Madison is the area regular-season scoring champion with 21 touchdowns for 126 points in 10 games.

Lipscomb, who scored postseason touchdowns on runs of 33, 30 and one in 35-22 Virginia AAA Northern Region semifinal triumph over West Springfield, finished with a four-point edge over Dodley Redding of Oakland Mills.

The Virginia regular season ended a week earlier than those of Maryland, District of Columbia, private and independent schools.

Redding had 18 touchdowns and seven two-point conversions for 122 points, the Maryland leader likely isn't suffering much this week for his failure to catch Lipscomb. His 24-yard TD burst with 2-41 to play broke a 14-14 deadlock and lifted the undefeated Scorpions to a 22-14 decision over Wilde Lake for the Howard County title.

Model's Jesse Wade registered three short touchdowns in a 13-13 victory over Riverdale Baptist to edge Pallotti's Dennis Cantwell for third place overall and the private and independent leadership, Wade, who has the highest points per game average in the area with 13.1, finished with 17 touchdowns and eight two-point conversions for 118 points, two more than Cantwell.

Freddy Wagomer scored three TDs on Thursday to lead Dunbar to a 24-12 triumph over Wilson for the Interhigh West Division title. He also wrested the Interhigh scoring crown from season-long leader Tracy Singleton of McKinley with 1 10-game total of 90.