The University of Maryland football team most likely will play Louisiana State in the Liberty Bowl or the University of Texas in the Sun Bowl, bowl sources said yesterday.

This is assuming that there are no major upsets tomorrow before bowl bids officially can be tendered at 6 p.m. EST, they said.

Maryland will play Clemson tomorrow at College Park for the Atlantic Coast Conference championship. If Maryland wins, it would get a Liberty Bowl hid unless officials from that bowl decide to take a Big Ten runner-up from among Ohio State, Michigan and Purdue. In any case Louisiana State will play in the Dec. 23 game at Memphis.

Maryland officials, it was learned, are seeking assurances that the Liberty Bowl will take the Terrapins win or lose, it was learned. Otherwise, it is said, the Terps are threatening to go to the Sun Bowl, win or lose. If they lose, the Terps would definitely wind up in the Dec. 23 game at EI Paso, Tex.

However, the sources said, the possibility remains that the Maryland-Clemson winner would get a bid to the Orange Bowl through the right string of upsets, starting with Nebraska losing to Missouri tomorrow.