A member of the Redskin organization merely made a choke sign yesterday when asked to account for Joe Theismann being sacked nine times in the 27-17 loss to the St. Louis Cardinals at RFK Stadium.

A member of the Cardinal organization put it more euphemistically. He said the Redskins quarterback hesitated, then held the ball too long.

Theismann is regarded as highly mobile, but he was thrown for an aggregate loss of 74 yards and was intercepted three times.

Coach Bud Wilkinson of the Cardinals said they increased their number of blitzes "a little," but remarked that the Redskins got so far behind "they had to throw."

Theismann has been sacked 32 times this season and Bill Kilmer three times in his 1 1/2 games.

Wilkinson, creful not to seem to be gloating, also said, "The Redskins have got to be feeling bad about having two touchdown passes dropped."

The Cardinal coach said of his team's fourth straight victory, "We were fortunate to run back a punt for a touchdown (70 yards by Williard Harrell) and to score a touchdown on a deflected pass (from Jim Hart to wide receiver Dave Stief after the ball was tipped by wide receiver Mel Gray)."

Hart said he thought the Redskins were "a little flat of first. We knew we had to be able to run the ball against the Redskins and keep their offense off the field. You know you can't throw against them."

Hart added that he stayed on the ground because "when you've got a lead you don't want to throw and stop the clock unnecessarily. The Redskins beat us badly in St. Louis."

Wide receiver Gray probably put his finger on the reason for the Cardinals' take-charge performances on offense and defense yesterday and during their winning streak.

"We had everything to gain and nothing to lose, coming in here with a 3-8 record," he said. "Our first victory after losing eight games took a lot of pressure off. Now we're more relaxed."

Gray was limited to one pass reception, for seven yards, but Hart threw only nine passes in the second half after building a 24-10 lead in the opening 30 minutes. He was sacked once, for a 12-yard loss, and said, "That was my fault; I held the ball too long."