Coach: Linda Ziemka (first season) 1977-78 record: 17-2

Top Returness: 5-9 Alice Butler, 5-4 Sandy Thomas, 5-10 Kathy McDonald, 5-6 Bonnie Freeman, 5-9 Doreen Clarke

Regulars Lost: Two

Top Newcomers: 6-1 Rhea Farberman, 5-11 Sharon Gannon, 5-5 Annette Allor, 5-7 Lori Hanley

Strengths: Overall speed, quickness, good overall team jumping ability; the scoring of sophomore Butler, the area's best player who averaged 29 points last season; added height of Farberman, an all-Long Island selection as high schooler, and Cannon member of New Jersey state champion team.

Weaknesses: New coaching system, team still young.

Evaluation: If players can adopt to new system the team should be extremely tough. Four starters returning plus additional height and mobility in newcomers could make Eagles an area power. Catholic

Coach: Marie Wiles (third season) 1977-78 record: 17-8

Top Returnees: 5-11 Sharon Hodges, 5-11 Margaret Goetze, 5-6 Patty Bell, 5-6 Bernadette Kerley.

Regulars Lost: One

Top Newcomers: 5-8 Jane Connolly (transfer from Maryland), 5-8 Elizabeth Dougherty, 5-11 Margaret Chapman

Strengths: Strong frontcourt play from center Hodges (15.3 points, 14.7 rebounds and 63 percent field-goal percentage last season) and power forward Goetze (10.3, 9.5); solid backcourt play from returning starters Bell and Kerley.

Weaknesses: Poor free-throw shooting (.490); last season

Evaluation: With addition of offensive-minded Connolly and second-team all-city Catholic League of Philadelphia player Chapman, Catholic should easily improve last year's mark. George Mason

Coach: Pat Lange

1977-78 Record: 9-10

Top Returnees: 5-10 Punky Orlando, 5-7 Kathy Kleha, 5-10 Ann Cloyd, 4-11 Patty Collett

Regulars Lost: Two

Top Newcomers: 6-0 Jeanine Nelson Strengths: Speed, outside shooting of Orlando (15 points per game), and playmaking of Collett (six assists per game).

Weaknesses: Team lacks proven center, having had to play three guards and two forwards last season; little height - only players over 5-10; youth (four sophomore regualrs); lack of established conwidence.

Evaluation: If Nelson can fill big gap at center and guard play from Orlando and Kleha (12.5 points per game) continues to improve, team should have winning record. Positive factor is last season's fast finish, winning seven of final eight games. Georgetown

Coach: Francis Carr (fifth season)

1977-78 Record: 11-9

Top Returners: 5-8 Abbie Dillon, 5-8, Maria DeVita, 5-10 Anne Stazeski

Regulars Lost: 4

Top Newcomers: 5-11 Kerry Keefe, 5-9 Patty McKenna, 5-8 Jill Will, 5-9 Kathy Leebron, 5-6 Wendy Allen

Strengths: Playmaking and scoring of point guard Dillon, who averaged 14 points per game as freshman. Rebounding of DeVita (12.1 per game), Dillon (seven) and Stazeki (seven).

Weakness: No proven starting center, or second guard.

Evaluation: If Keefe, who averaged 17.5 points and 15 rebounds per game in senior year, can break in quickly at post position and Hoyas come up with good-shooting second - guard, team could finish two or three games above .500. George Washington

Coach: Linda Gehlert (first season)

1977-78 record: 16-11

Top Returners: 5-10 Marise James, 6-2 Joan Nowotny, 5-5 Laurie Cann, 5-3 Linda Barney, 5-7 Ann Lawrence

Regulars Lost: none of top six.

Top Newcomers: 6-1 Leslie Bond, 5-7 Carol Byrd

Strengths: Depth at all positions; good rebounding, center Nowotny averaged 10.1 rebounds per game as a sophomore last second, James led the squad with 11.2 and freshman Bond, a Parade magazine fourth-team All-American pulled down 14 per game in her senior season.

Weaknesses: Lack of proven outside shooting - the team shot only 38 percent from the field in '77-78.

Evaluation: A freshman-dominated Colonial squad won 16 games last season - with all five starters back this year plus two high scoring freshmen in Bond (18 points per game) and Byrd '24 points), the team should win two-thirds of its games. But it will have to play well away from home. Only eight of 21 games are at Smith Center. Howard

Coach: Sylvia Groomes

1977-78 Record: 14-10

Top Returnees: 5-11 Winsome Davidson, 5-9 Julie Murphy, 5-5 Fran Wright, 5-8 Deborah Davis, 5-9 Charlene Marks

Regulars Lost: One

Top Newcomers: 6-5 Yvonne Elliott, 6-3 Sandra Fields, 6-3 Theresa Guerrant

Strengths: The play of senior strong forward Davidson (18 points per game, 22 rebounds last season) solidified per claim as one of the top women in the area; strong backcourt with point guard Murphy a double threat in scoring (16 points) and rebounding (10 per game); good height; balanced inside and outside scoring.

Weakness: Inexperience at center.

Evaluation: With two double-figure scorers on the bench to add to outstanding depth at forward and guard, Bisonettes should easily top last season's mark; if one of newcomers can learn fast the center spot, team should be awesome. Maryland

Coach: Chris Weller

1977-78 Record: 27-4

Top Returnees: 6-3 Kris Kirchner, 5-9 Jane Zivalich, 6-1 Debbie Stewart, 5-9 Betsy Balley, 5-3 Lisa Schlesinger, 6-5 Krystal Kimrey, 5-3 Lisa Schlesinger

Regulars Lost: Two

Top Newcomers: 6-1 Lydia McAliley, 5-10 Myra Waters, 5-6 Lynn Callander

Strengths: Center play of Kirchner, a Street and Smiths' All-America who averaged 13.5 points and 10.5 rebounds in freshman year; all-round play of forward Zivalich, a 55 percent field-goal shooter; good height; good coaching; return of four of five top scorers from last year's squad that averaged nearly 90 points per game.

Weakness: Finding a playmaker to replace graduated point guard Tara Heiss.

Evaluation: Team that was runner-up to UCLA for national championship is ranked fourth in S&S's preseason poll and could take it all barring injuries; addition of Waters, Ohio state player of the year adds even more to loaded team; first half of schedule includes six preseason top-20 teams: fast start will provide more confidence. Navy

Coach: Dave Smalley (third season)

1977-78 record: 13-7

Top Returnees: 5-8 Kathy Walsh, 5-9 Bernie Boska, 5-11 Cathy Rayhill, 5-3 Sheila Fox, 5-6 Sue Keller, 5-9 Sue Stapler, 5-4 Sheree Stewart

Regulars Lost: 1

Top Newcomers: 5-4 Colleen Cassidy, 5-10 Lynn Coe, 6-2 Barbara Nester, 5-10 Debbie Moberger

Strengths: frontcourt play of Rayhill (12.4 ppg, 10.8 rebounds). Walsh (15.8, 11.5) and Boska (15.7, 11.4): more experienced, height and quickness.

Weakness: Several team members still playing volleyball and will thus be behind in conditioning for start of season; last year's squad was not especially fast.

Evaluation: If team can run more, getting added depth from Cassidy (who can play either guard) and Coe, Mids should duplicate last season's record; newcomers will play more of a factor in early going due to late arrival of volleyball players; upgraded schedule might possibly reduce by one or two last season's victory total.