Bob Gibson, the New York Giant offensive coordinator who called a questionable play enabling the Philadelphia Eagles to snatch victory from the Giants Sunday, was fired yesterday.

The Giants were leading, 17-12 with 28 seconds left and the Eagles had no timeouts left when Gibson sent in a play that cost him his job. Instead of calling for quarterback Joe Pisarcik to fall on the ball and run out the clock, Gibson ordered a handoff to fullback Larry Csonka.

Pisarcik fumbled the handoff, Philadelphia cornerback Herman Edwards scooped up the ball and raced 26 yards for the winning touchdown with 20 seconds left.

Andy Robustelli, Giants director of operations, said Gibson was dismissed because the offensive team could no longer be expected to have confidence in him.

"It was unfortunate the play was called and unfortunate the quarterback fumbled," Robustelli said. "It was not Bob's fault the quarterback fumbled, but with 20 seconds left it was not what you would consider a good call."

Giant head Coach John McVay refused to say whether he knew about the play Gibson sent in, but most observers believed he was not aware.

"I don't wear headphones," said McVay. "And I'll have no further comment on Bob Gibson."