The reeling Redskins, a team very much in need of any sort of emotional lift, got one yesterday when cornerback Lamar Parrish returned to the practice field for the first time since he broke his right arms 4 1/2 weeks ago.

Redskin Coach Jack Pardee said he would not ask Parrish to start at the corner Thursday against the Cowboys except in an emergency, but he did indicate Parrish might be used in the nickel defense "if we can get him padded up."

"But there's no question that it's good to see him back" Pardee said. "It picks things up . . . It's what we need, to get some of these guys back instead of losing them to injuries."

Parrish fractured the radius in his right forearm against the New York Giants on Oct. 22 and the initial prognosis for his return was six to eight weeks.

But there he was yesterday, covering receivers and knocking down passes all afternoon.

"What I'm really shooting for is the Miami game (a week from Sunday)," Parrish said yesterday. "They haven't asked me about Dallas, but if they do, I'll give it my best. That's what I'm getting paid for. If I can help them win, I'll try it."

The original cast that extended from Parrish's biceps to his wrist was removed Monday. He was fitted with a shorter model from elbow to wrist, and he practiced yesterday with the cast padded with several layers of plastic and foam rubber.

"It aches sometime and I can feel it's not real strong yet," he said."I'm not able to take a direct blow on it and it felt awkward out there today. It's very sore and tender and I's sure if I swing it or fell on it wrong, I'd reinjure it.

"But if I'm in a game and I know I have to be there to make a hit, well, I'll just throw it up and whatever happens, happens. In a game, you forgot your injuries."

"I realize Dallas is a big game and if I could, I'd like to play. But the game after that is going to be big, too. I think they want me to heal right. But if things go wrong, I feel like I could do the job."

Pardee, meanwhile, was asked yesterday if he agreed with General Manager Bobby Beathard's published statement that some Redskins do not seem to be bothered by the team's recent slump.

"Everybody's frustrated over it," Pardee said. "We're trying to get the players going and nobody likes to lose . . . When you lose, it's part of a syndrome. Everybody wants to know why. The best thing to do is be quiet, do your job and try to get better.

"We haven't been 100 percent physically for a while. When you start losing three or four key players, we're not the same team. Everybody wants to say what's wrong with the Redskins. Well, you lose four people, that's 20 percent of the team, and that's how much worse we're playing, about 20 percent."

Most players chose not to comment yesterday on Beathard's remarks, but one starter said, "I can't imagine Jack was very happy to read it. That's not the kind of stuff you need right now. That's almost like players going after other players. We don't need it."

Defensive end Coy Bacon, who missed another practice nursing a sore hip and shoulder, said he agreed with Beathard, "but I also can see a little change of attitude. I've talked to some of the guys, some other people have, too, and I think you'll see a change football team out there Thursday.

"I think it's getting better, and having Lemar out there helps. The guy's hurt, but he wants to play, and that's dedication. Other guys see that, and it sure can't hurt."

Linebacker Pete Wysocki said he did not want to comment specifically on Beathard's remarks but that "if you're any kind of a man, you want to win.

"This isn't the time for people to make statements, it's just time to go out and play football."

The Redskins still haven't signed a defensive lineman to replace injured Diron Talbert, but Bob Heinz, a nine-year veteran defensive tackle cut by the Dolphins in the preseason, is probably going to be their choice. Heinz, 6 feet 6 and 260 pounds, spent most of his career as a Dolphin backup . . . The Cowboys lead the NFC in total offense, rushing and passing and are third in total defense, first against the rush and eighth against the pass . . The Redskins are fifth in total offense, eighth rushing and sixth passing and ninth in total defense, 11th against the rush and seventh against the pass.