Pull up a chair, Jerry Claiborne, and let Grant Teaff tell you how to make sure your Terhapins beat Texas in the Sun Bowl Dec. 23.

First, the parable passed along by Baylor Coach Teaff to his men 2-8 Bears last week on the eve of the Longhorn game:

"There were two Eskimos in the northland who went out on a frozen lake to fish. They were 10 feet apart and used the same pole, same type line, same size hook, same bait, everything. But one fisherman caught fish every day and the other one did not. Finally the unsuccessful fisherman went to the successful fisherman and said, 'Hey, I want to know your secret.'

"And the successful fisherman reached in his mouth and pulled out a worm and said, 'You have to keep the worm warm' . . .

"On Saturday morning, after I finally found a box of those big old whoppers, I chose one that was about half as big around as my little finger and four or five inches long. I took him in my office and washed him up real good.

"Then I got a vase from our trainer and put the worm in the vase and put the vase in my pocket."

"Every now and then I'd look to see if he was okay, but the rascal died on me . . . Five minutes before the game we called the team together (and) I told them, 'I'll be the toughest coach on the field. I'll be keeping the worm warm.'

"Then I cocked my head back and dropped the worm in my mouth. I didn't swallow him, though. The team went berserk . . . walked out of the locker room looking as if the weight of the world had been lifted off their shoulders."

Final score: Baylor 38, Texas 14.