With all of their problems, the Redskins can assure themselves of a playoff spot by winning their last three games. They probably will make it if they can win two of the three, as long as they manage to beat Atlanta in two weeks.

The Redskins are tied with Philadelphia and Atlanta with 8-5 records. Minnesota and Green Bay are 7-5-1. Two of those teams will make it as wild card teams and either Minnesota or Green Bay will make the playoffs as a Central Division champion.

If there is a tie for the wild card spots, the following steps will be used to break the tie:

If the teams tied are from the same division, the criteria for breaking the tie will be, in order, head to head competition, best division record, best record against common opponents, best rating determined by losses to common opponents, best net points against common opponents, best net touchdowns against common opponents, and, finally, a coin toss, if necessary.

If the tied teams are from different divisions, their tie-breaking procedure will be, in order, head to head competition, best won-lost percentage against common opponents, strength of schedule, net points against all opponents, net touchdowns against all opponents, and, finally, a coin toss.

If three teams are tied for the wild card spot and one won all of its games in head to head competition with the other two, then that team will receive the wild card spot. If one of the three teams lost its games to the other two, it will be eliminated and the above mentioned tie-breaking formula will be used to determine a playoff spot for the remaining two teams.