Jake Scott and Ron McDole eased out of the dressing room at Redskin Park yesterday and walked slowly toward the practice field.

"We're the first ones to have the nerve to come out," said Scott.

The others eventually followed as the team gathered for the first time since the humiliating 37-10 defeat in Dallas on Thanksgiving.

There was a serious, business-like approach to the workout.

"Don't you think it's time to get serious?" asked kicker Mark Moseley. "We've been playing around too much."

As expected, Lemar Parrish, out the last six weeks with a broken right arm, worked with the first defensive unit.

Linebacker Chris Hanburger, who Coach Jack Pardee said might not play against Miami on Sunday because of an injured leg, limped through the practice.

Guard Ron Saul, who has a groin muscle pull and a sprained ankle, also suited up for the workout, but saw little action.

"Chris was a little better today than I thought he would be, "Pardee said. "He should be ready to play Sunday. I don't know about Saul, though."

Pardee hinted Monday that he might switch to Pete Wysocki in place of Hanburger for the Miami game because of Hanburger's physical condition.

The 45-minute workout was preceeded by a team meeting in which Pardee spelled out what he expected of his players and what had to be done to get them back on the winning track.

"It was a good meeting and everything is as it should be right now," said middle linebacker Harold McLinton. "You have to learn from all of your experiences, but you always have to go forward. What is in the past is in the past.

"No one got angry," McLinton said of the meeting." Everything is all right. We know what we have to do and the true pros that we are, we'll come through."

The beleaguered Redskins have lost two in a row and five of their last seven games and are in danger of not making it to the playoffs.

In addition, there has been internal bickering, second guessing and other signs of dissension from within the team.

The players say all has been aired and now they are ready to start playing football the way they did when they were 6-0.

"Everybody knows what we've got to do," said wide receiver Danny Buggs. "We can't just talk about it, we have to go ahead and do it."

Part of the Redskin problems have been caused by penalties, missed blocks or missed assignments. Whenever such mistakes occurred in yesterday's short workout, a coach could be heard correcting the guilty player.

Even the blocking drills, usually tame, especially after four days off, were lively with fierce hitting.

Coaches and players alike said the meeting they had before practice had nothing to do with what took place on the field.

"Things just sunk in better this time, maybe," one player said. "At least I hope so."

"We had a normal type meeting and tried to identify what we can do to improve," Pardee said. "There's nothing wrong with our attitude that getting back on the winning track won't cure."

Safety Ken Houston said, "I think we all have the proper attitude to do what we have to do to win. Anytime you lose, you're going to be down, and we've lost two in a row. But it's a three-game season, now. There are only 18 days left. We all realize that. If we win these three games, then we will be in the playoffs.

"I really think we are going to get things altogether." Houston added. "We aren't down to where we're out. I really believe we are going to go out and win these next three ball games."

The first heavy workout since the Dallas game will be held today and lineup changes Pardee plans to make for Sunday's game will be put in at practice time.

Miami, like Washington, 8-5, and loser of two straight, fighting for a playoff spot, is 10th in the AFC in defense and eighth in offense. Bob Griese, despite three interceptions against the Jets last week, is the leading passer in the conference and Delvin Williams, with 1,171 yards, is the AFC's second leading rusher behind Earl Campbell of the Oilers. John Riggins is fifth in the NFC in rushing with 863 yards . . . After the workout, the team changed into game uniforms and posed for the 1978 team picture.