A sideshow at the baseball meetings in Orlando: Frank Lucchesi's damage suit against Lenny Randle has surfaced in court there after all this time-closing on two years since Randle, in spring training for Texas, punched out Lucchesi, then managing the Rangers.

A jury is taking testimony to determined how much, if any, money Lucchesi has coming from the N.Y. Met infielder who was convicted of battery for slugging (fractured cheekbone) and kicking him (cracked rib) before an exhibition game. The Rangers' team dentist said from the witness stand yesterday that the breaking of five of Lucchesi's teeth and loosening of several others "probably" was caused by a blow "possibly" from a fist.

In Reno, Nevada State Journal reporter Ray Hagar has sued Billy Martin for $20,000 for the Nov. 10 incident in which the former/future Yankee manager allegedly broke three of his teeth and blacked his eye.

One liable to benefit from the Pete Rose odyssey is Pittsburgh's National League MVP, Dave Parker He and his agent said at Thanksgiving that the Pirates' contract sweetening had made it virtually sure he would sign this winter and not play out his option, as previously threatened, in 1979. Now Parker can point to all the loot John Galbreath and son offered but couldn't spend for Rose and say, how about let's add some of that onto the already added-on.

Pete Peterson, Pirate general manager, says the money already on the table for Parker was far more than that offered Rose. But if Rose was worth an expensive broodmare to boot, Parker might want to visit Darby Dan Farm and take his pick of the thoroughbred stock.

Dick Young, N.Y. Daily News, on Rose: "He has had three books ghosted under his name, leading somebody to remark that Pete has written more books than he has read." CAPTION:

Picture, Under open-door policy of Seattle University women's basketball squad, AP writer Tony Baker talks to players. None undressed until press left. AP