As if the Redskins don't already have enough nagging injuries, place-kicker Mark Moseley, the team's leading scorer, is nursing a sore kicking leg three days before Sunday's game against the Miami Dolphins.

Moseley was ordered not to kick yesterday to rest an injury he described as "a pinched sciatic nerve in my back that's caused my leg to go numb.

"I came up with it yesterday (Wednesday)," Moseley said, "and by last night I could hardly move my leg. I didn't have any feeling in it. But it'll be all right. It feels better now and I can kick. They just didn't want me to aggravate it any more. The only thing you can do is rest it and hope it gets better."

Dr. Stanford Lavine, team physician, examined Moseley and said he had a slightly pulled hamstring. A team spokesman said Lavine indicated Moseley should be able to kick Sunday.

Moseley insisted that he would play Sunday against the Dolphins. "If I have to go out there on crutches I'll be there," he said.

The Redskins were taking no chances. Ted Fritsch, normally the snapper on the field-goal unit, put on his battered old kicking shoe after practice and worked on field goals and kickoffs, as did punter Mike Bragg.

The Redskins did not list Moseley on their injury report to the NFL, and Coach Jack Pardee downplayed Moseley's problem, describing it as "just a little sore leg, not a muscle pull or anything."

Fullback John Riggins also missed practice with a sore ankle and guard Ron Saul was an observer, nursing a groin pull and sore right foot. Pardee said he would take a wait-and-see approach on both players' availability for the Dolphins, although he described Saul as "very doubtful."

On the brighter side, Lemar Parrish continued to practice at the left cornerback position, and he will start for the first time since breaking his right arm against the New York Giants six weeks ago.

"It's got to help us," said Richie Petitbon, the secondary coach. "Any time you get an All-Pro back, it can't hurt. Lemar is probably the best cover guy in football, and having him out there has to help psychologically, too.

"He's looked great in practice. I think he's in good shape physically. I'm sure he'll get tired being out so long, but I know he can cover, cast and all."

Parrish probably will trade in the plaster cast on his right forearm for a lighter, plastic model and Petitbon admitted "it won't make it easy to catch the ball, and it might restrict his tackling some. He won't be able to grab and he'll probably have to chop their legs out, but he'll be all right."

Parrish agreed.

"I'm not afraid of it," he said after yesterday's workout. "If I'm going to play, I've got to be able to tackle and I've got to be able to catch the ball. I'll do whatever I do normally. I have to go with what I've got.

"I'm not leery about it or anything like that. It's still tender and it's still sore, but I've got to play, and I want to play.

"I've been catching the ball pretty well in practice, and the ones I don't catch I knock down. A knockdown is sometimes as good as an interception.

"Yeah, I hope they do throw it at me, because the more you throw at me, the tougher I get. I'm confident enough to say that if you throw it at me enough, eventually I'm gonna' hurt you with it."

Parrish knows the Miami offense well, and particularly quarterback Bob Griese, a man he described yesterday as "one of the best. He stays with his game plan, he's got a great arm and he knows what to do with the football."

Griese comes into Sunday's game completing 63 percent of his passes, and is the highest rated quarterback in the NFL after missing Miami's first seven games with a knee injury.

"I don't worry too much about the quarterback, though," Parrish said. "I have to play my man, and if I've got my man, the quarterback can't put it in there."

Parrish will spend most of his time covering Dolphin receiver Nat Moore, who has 37 catches, nine for touchdowns.

"He's a great move man," Parrish said. "He reminds me a lot of Paul Warfield.He's got the same style, the same moves and he's got good hands. He goes to the ball and you can't intimidate him. But every week you come up against a good receiver. I'm just happy to come back and play again."

Chris Hanburger continued to work with the first-team defense and is expected to start at outside linebacker... With Saul out, Jim Harlan worked yesterday at left guard and Jeff Williams at right tackle... Saul insited he would try to play but admitted "it's sore as hell. I hurt it late in the first quarter (against Dallas), but I wasn't gonna' take myself out, no way."