Georgetown guard Eric (Sleepy) Floyd proved last night he is no one-game flash in the pan.

The freshman, who led the Hoyas to their first victory over Maryland in eight years Tuesday night, took them out of trouble last night against St. Bonaventure as the Hoyas remained unbeaten, 71-59.

The Bonnies, taking advantage of Georgetown foul problems, had reduced the Hoyas' 16-point lead to 55-52.

First Floyd jumped in to steal a jump ball from Bonnie Nick Urzetta after Dan Vigliance had tied up Steve Martin of Georgetown. Urzetta fouled Floyd on the play and he sank both one-and-one free throws for a 57-52 lead.

Two possessions later, with Georgetown in the four-corners delay game it had gone into with more than seven minutes remaining, he drove the lane on Bonnie defenders. As they converged on him, he passed to Craig Shelton, who was fouled in the act of shooting his layup.

Shelton made both free throws for a 61-53 lead and the Hoyas were home almost free to their 17th straight victory at McDonough gym. They also made 29 of 32 free throws in the game, getting their last 18 points at the foul line.