Wilt Chamberlain left the NBA hotshots considerable career records to shoot and jump at -- 31,419 points, 23.924 rebounds, etc. -- and now he's ready to up the ante?

The Chicago Bulls say the Stilt is thinking about a comeback seriously.

"We started out kibitzing," says Bull managing partner Jon Kovler, after two meetings on the West Coast with the 7-foot-2 monument who last played pro basketball in 1973 but the past couple of years has kept in top shape as a pro volleyball player-owner. "But then I told him I was serious, and he said he was serious... he would be in Chicago in the next week or two and could let us know by then."

Kovler thus proved he means it when he says, "In our search for a backup center (to spell Artis Gilmore 10-12 minutes a game), we've left no stone unturned."

If the Bulls sign Chamberlain, compensation would be owed the L.A. Lakers -- "but," Kovler ventured, "what you are talking about is compensation for a 42-year-old center who has been out of the league for five years."

After three days of testimony about who provoked Len Randle's attack on Frank Lucchesi in Orlando, Fla., March 28, 1977, attorney for plaintiff Lucchesi and defendant Randle reached "an amicable settlement" in the judge's chambers yesterday -- and no one, "now or later," will reveal the terms. Had the matter been left to the jury, under Florida law, it could have awarded Lucchesi -- if it determined an award due -- anywhere from $2,500 on up. Lou Brock testified on Randle's behalf and with Hank Aaron and the Rev. Jesse Jackson offering the little Met infielder supportive presence in the courtroom, well... Anyway, the emotional former Texas manager and the former Ranger player who punched his face into a mess left the trial shaking hands and saying:

Randle: "This only proves that people of color from all walks of life can make a settement. Let bygones be bygones."

Lucchesi: "I hope never again does something like this happen in baseball. I hope Lenny has 10 years of good luck in the big leagues."

The top scorer in area college women's basketball, Alice Butler, dropped off the American U. team this year (while staying in school). "Personal problems"...

The Women's Basketball League, distaff answer to the NBA, opens its inaugural season today: Chicago Hustle at Milwaukee Does.One who won't be there: JoAnn Burrell from Boise State -- back in Idaho after finding a furnished apartment promised by the Hustle when it drafted her turned out to be a dorm; promised transportation was not provided, and the Hustle played at a gym located in an orphanage with no pay for preseason preparations in November. After two practices, Burrell decided pro ball was not for her -- then she learned she had been traded from Chicago to Milwaukee. She went home.

It's confirmed, Earnie Shavers versus Ken Norton at Las Vegas Feb. 18, winner to get another shot at WBC champ Larry Holmes... Louisville Lip II, U.S. amateur heavyweight champ Greg Page, has turned pro, signing with a group headed by Butch Lewis... Harrah's Reno and Tahoe Race Book early line on No. 1 Penn State vs. No. 2 Alabama in Sugar Bowl Jan. 1: even. USC six over Michigan in the Rose; Navy six over BYU in the Holiday, Texas five over Maryland in the Sun....

John Bates, who coached Joe Pace at both Maryland-Eastern Shore and Coppin State (NAIA national title in 1976) evidently is out for the season at Coppin. Heart attack during a 73-72 loss to Morgan State in the season-opening Baltimore Metro tournament.

ACC football honors by vote of the sportswriters: Coach of the year, Clemson's Goodbye Charley Pell, 91 votes to 16 for runner-up Jerry Claiborne of Maryland. Rookie of the year: Darrell Nicholson, North Carolina linebacker, 39 votes to 27 for runner-up Bryan Holoman, Virginia linebacker.

AU is serious about getting sub forward Ray Voelkel the NCAA record for consecutive field goals made. Eighteen down, six to go, he has instructions to shoot nothing but layups.