This is the next-to-last weekend of regular-season competition in the Notional Football League, and a time to look back in an attempt to assess all those coaching changes.

In most cases, change brought little change. The 1977 and 1978 records of the teams with new coaches:

142 -- George Medina, Penn State, def. Kevin Murphy, Massachusetts, 8-2.

150 -- Ed Bredniak, Pitt, def. Jeff Brodhead, Penn State, 4-2.

158 -- William Smith, Morgan State, def. Douq Oliver, Rutgers, 7-3.

167 -- Jim Gordon, Pitt, def. Andy Bingaman, Penn State, 6-2.

177 -- Dan Phautz, Penn State, pinned Craig Beluness, Rutgers, 3:13.

190 -- Alan Gittle, Rutgers, def. Sam Sallitt, Penn State, 9-6.

HWT -- Jhon Alen, Massachusetts, def. Steve Smocharski, Pitt, 8-2.

Team Results -- Penn State, 131; Pittsburgh, 119 1/2; Rutgers, 104 1/2; Morgan State, 85; West Virginia, 84; Massachusetts, 57; George Mason, 30; George Washington, 12 1/2.

Coach Red Miller was quoted in the Denver Post as saying after the victory over Oakland Sunday night: "This was a game between a huge team and our quicker, swarming team. Those fat guys get tired."

But in Miami the prudent attitude is, "The season ain't over until the fat boys sit down."