After losing to Atlanta today, the only way the Redskins can get into the playoffs is if either Green Bay or Minnesota and Philadelphia lose next week and the Redskins beat Chicago.

The best the Redskins can do now is finish 9-7. If Philadelphia loses, it will be 8-8. Then, if eigher Green Bay or Minnesota were to lose it would be 8-7-1. That would make Atlanta, no matter what it does next week, and Washington, if it wins, the two wild-card teams. That game would be played in Atlanta Dec. 24.

None of the five teams in contention for the three remaining NFL playoff spots before the weekend games have clinched. In fact, Atlanta was the only one of the five to win.

Going into the final weekend of the season, Minnesota and Green Bay are 8-6-1, Washington and Philadelphia are 8-7 and Atlanta is 9-6.

If Atlanta beats the Cardinals in St. Louis next week, it will get one of the two NFC wild-card spots and will be the host team for the other wild-card team Christmas Eve.

Either Minnesota or Green Bay is assured of a playoff spot because one of the two will be the NFC Central Division champion. Los Angeles and Dallas already have clinched their respective division titles.

Minnesota plays at Oakland next week and Green Bay is at Los Angeles. If they both win, Minnesota is the division champion and Green Bay Becomes a wild-card team.

If the Redskins and Eagles each win next week and Atlanta loses all three will finish with 9-7 records. If both Green Bay and Minnesota win next week and finish 9-6-1, Philadelphia will be the other wild-card team because of its better racord against common opponents with Atlanta and Washington.

If either Green Bay or Minnesota or both should lose and finish 8-7-1, and Philadelphia and Atlanta would be the two wild-card teams, Philadelphia would get in because a better record against common opponents is the first tie-breaking procedure in case of three-way tie. The Falcons would tehn get the second spot because of their victory over the Redskins.

Philadelphia's remaining game is at home against the New York Giants.

If both Green Bay and Minnesota win and Atlanta loses and Philadelphia wins, Green Bay and Philadelphia would be the wild-card teams. The Eagles and Falcons did not play this season, but the Eagles would have the better record against common opponents.