Golf phenom Nancy Lopez and fiance Tim Melton, Harrisburg, Pa., TV broadcaster, have set Jan. 6 for their wedding, in his parents' Medford Lakes, N.J., home. "We have decided to pursue our separate careers," Melton says. "I am not marrying Nancy for her money or her fame. I have no intention to ride her shirttails"... But when things go bad -- George Scott, the Red Sox first baseman who had such an off year in '78, is being sued for divorce by his wife on nigh onto 11 years.

Rod Carew, if he had his druthers, would take $3.5 million from Cal Griffith for five years and stay in Minnesota. That's the amount he wouldn't take from the Giants to move to San Francisco after Griffith tentatively traded him last week. Carew's agent, Jerry Simon, puts in that Mr. Magic Wand's hope of remaining a Twin is "academic." As long as Griffith doesn't raise his standing offer of $2 million for five years, it's academic, all right (hi, MacMcGarry).

Gaylord Perry is miffed at the San Diego Padres and, shoot, if Pete Rose can be a free agent again when he's 41, so can Perry. The 40-year-old Cy Young award (second-time) winner says he's playing out his option in 1979 because the Padres won't add a second year to his present contract -- "I have always had a two-year contract"... Maybe Perry is salivating over word from Boston that Red Sox relief ace ( when healthy) Bill Campbell still has the shoulder problem that plagued him throughout 1978.