Pittsburgh is getting ready to play Denver again Saturday, and perhaps again in the AFC playoffs, and has Mean Joe Greene forgotten the hassle he provoked last time the Steelers played in Broncoville last Christmas Eve? No way.

Steeler defensive tackle Greene still is bitter, and not afraid to spout it out, about NFL Commissioner Pete Rozelle's imposition of a reported $4,000 fine for driving a fist into the stomach of Denver offensive lineman Paul Howard.

"I was so gullible, sitting there saying 'Yes sir, commissioner.' I wash showing the office courtesy, but he didn't earn it. It's hard to get on my X list, but he's on it. He's the only one on it. I feel I was used. I was made the heavy."

Latest possible move for Navy football skipper George Welsh: Colorado. Rumbles from Boulder has SMU's Ron Meyer and Welsh one-two candidates, unless the Buffs somehow can talk Chuck Fairbanks of the NFL Patriots back into campus life . . .

"Ed Chlebek will be given another chance" despite an 0-11 debut as Boston College football coach, BC has announced. And why not, we started to write; he has two years left on a three-year contract. Then BC revealed that Chlebek was told Monday afternoon he was being fired, contract or no-but after he informed the team, 36 Eagle Players walked into Athletic Director Bill Flynn's office and demanded the coach be reinstated. Flynn relented, saying "the players really believe in him."

One Altlanta loss: Jim Bouton, telling the Braves who staged his September song at 39, "I guess I realized that once I had actually made it back to the big leagues, I got all out of that relationship I really wanted." So (he says) he's thrown his last knuckler. Back to sportwcasting and writing about his comeback for Sports Illustrated. enry Rothsblatt, a lifelong boxing buff who goes "to all the fights up and down the East Coast," called from his Soldiers Home abode in the District first thing he found out Cap Centre had tagged ringside seats for Sugar Ray Leonard-Johnny Gant Jan. 11 at $30 to proclaim: "They're meshuga!"

"They priced it right out of the hands of the small guy that made these fighters," Rothsblatt said. Even scaled down to $20, $10 and $7.50 in the outer limits?

The Touchdown Club is bearing down toward its 44the annual awards dinner at the Sheraton Park, Saturday, Jan. 27, and Dick Garrison, banquet chairman, is pleased to pass along that (1) TV's Mike Douglas will toastmaster the event and (2) Bob Hope will recevie the inaugural Hubert H. Humphrey award as one who lives up to the late HHH's standards in Americanism and goodwill . . . The Quarterback Club has sllected John Rights as outstanding Redskin of 1978, to be honored at Monday's noon luncheon at the TD Club-club leader Bob Geohegan notes, "We all said, 'Who else?'"