Joe kuharich, who used to coach both teams, is suggesting a two-club parlay-the Redskins to beat the Chicago Bears here Saturday and the Eagles to make the playoffs by beating the New York Giants in Philadelphia on Sunday.

Kuharich was head coach of the Eagles when they had their last winning season, 9-5, in 1966. He is scouting for the team.

"The Redskins will win, even though the Bears are on the upbeat after upsetting Green Bay)," said Kuharich. "The Redskins will outscore the Bears and shut down quarterback Bob Avellini. The Redskins should have beaten Atlanta; the gods didn't smile on them." (Actually, Mike Phipps is expected to be the Bear quarterback Saturday.)

Kuharich favors the Eagles over the Giants because quarterback Ron Jaworski, the "Polish Rifle," "has abandoned the idea that when a defender is standing in front of a receiver he can throw through the defender.

"In 12 months, Jaworski has learned to concentrate on picking out secondary and tertiary receivers better; that there are one to five receivers in a pass pattern, not just one. He's beginning to realize where his receivers are going to be.He had 21 interceptions in 14 games in 1977-too many. This year, he has 18 in 15 games.

"The Eagles' offense is basically sound: fourth in running in the NFC, sixth overall, and seventh in passing. They have been beaten three of four opponets from the AFC East-Miami, New York and Baltimore.

"Our defense is not 'good'; it is exceptionally good. We are not discounting the fact that the Giants will be fired up for us. They know in their hearts they didn't deserve to lose to us in the 'miracle in the Meadowlands'."

He was referring to the Giants fumbling a handoff while trying to run out the clock and cornerback Herman Edwards of the Eagles recovering the ball and running 26 yards for a touchdown and a 17-12 victory.

The Eagles hav an 8-7 record and new respect, with four players selected to playt in the Pro Bowl for the first time since the 1973 season. In 1977, middle linebacker Bill Bergey was the only Eagle picked. He repeated yesterday to join running back Wilbert Montgomery, wide receiver Harold Carmichael and offensive tackle Stan Walters.

Montgomery needs 57 yards to break the Eagles' single-session rushing record of 1,146, set by Hall of Famer Steve Van Buren in 1949, in a 12-game season. In this 16-game season, Montgomery has 1,090 after 15 games, but missed 2 3/4 games with an ankle injury.