Pro football at Notre Dame? That is one of the alternatives the Chicago Bears are considering because the Chicago Park District has condemned the north stands in Soldier Field.

The Bears also are considering Dyche Stadium in Evanston, Ill., and Comiskey Park in Chicago. They sold 52,000 season tickets and have requests for 18,000 more from 4,500 persons on a waiting list. Neither Notre Dame nor Dyche has lights and South Bend is about 90 miles from Chicago.

The Bears ended speculation about Coach Neill Armstrong being back in 1979 by reassuring him a week before coming here to play the Redskins.

Chicago will have its No. 1 draft choice and Tampa Bay's No. 1 from trading defensive tackle Wally Chambers to the Buccaneers. He started two games.

Five teams on the West Coast-Seattle, San Francisco, Oakland, Los Angeles and San Diego-mean five sources of gossip.

Look for an item to work its way east that the Redskins think Jack Pardee is a nice young fellow but can't do the job and George Allen will be rehired as coach and general manager.

Allen supposedly would appreicate a second chance so much that he would be much easier to handle than the Los Angeles Rams found him to be. The Rams would applaud such a development; it would save them the money they now are paying him. Don't bet on it happening, any of it.

A new trend is linking desirable coaches and general managers in pair; for instance, Bill Walsh of Stanford and Don Klosterman of the Rams; Dan Reeves of the Dallas Cowboys and Gil Brandt, their vice president in charge of player development.

A tribute from a rare dispenser of plaudits to other performers: Linebacker Tom Henderson of Dallas says, "I think Steve Grogan (of New England) is a super quarterback; hehs fast, he's strong, and he'll blcok!"

When Pat Toomay and John Matuszak were teased in the Oakland dressing room at Miami about Red Miller of Denver referring to the Raiders as "fat guys," both quickly showed their sensitivity by raising their abbreviated T-shirts over their heads.

Quarterback Ken Stabler may be the victim of emulating the off-field lifestyle of his favorite quarterback, Bobby Layne, but on him it looks good.

Whatever is wrong with the Raiders, and other secrets in Oakland, maycome out because Toomay is in the midst of writing his second book and he expects to be playing in New Orleans next season. He's miffed because the Raiders abandoned the four-man line. He had 18 sacks with it in 1977.

Trivia question: Who caught Joe Namath's last pass? Safety Doug Plank of the Bears, an interception.

SCORE's last Monday night pick of 1978-New England over Miami by 10 points