UCLA Athletic Director J. D. Morgan goes in for heart surgery today, and in the NBA, former UCLA ALL-America basketballer Dave Meyers evidently is out for the year, refusing shades of the Bullets' Phil Chenier Until worse came to worst--a back operation recommended by three physicians. Two vertebrae in Meyers' spine have been rubbing together and against his sciatic nerve since he fell and was jarred during successive presason exhibitions. The 6-8 Milwuakee forward has been seeing a chiropractor; saying, "All I know is I get better when I rest," and venturing about sugery, If the best doctors treat you, the chances of never having problems are 60 to 70 percent . . .an awfully big risk . . . I don't want to have an operation or come back too soon and ruin my life." So Buck Coach Don Nelson concurs, "I guess I'll have to forget about him for now. I don't think he'll be back-not this year."

Sources close to the L.A. Lakers hint the club is ready to negotiate a new, no-cut contract with Wilt Chamberlian if the Dipper, 42, is serious about an NBA comeback and gets clearance from the team physician . . . Out for the year after leading VMI's basketball team in rebounding through the early season: 6-5 senior forward Jeryl Salmond, suspended from school for excessive demerits . . . A hot prospect to create a new Tall Story: Ralph Sampson, 7 feet 2 and shadowed by all the bigs in ACC country as he doesit his senior high school year in Harrisonburg, Va.-like 50 points, 30 rebounds Firday night in an 86-76 win over Western Albemarle, putting Ralphie past 1,000 points, career . . . A third Arkansas footballer off the Fiesta Bowl squad on university disciplinary action (evidently not involving the other two's rape case): wide receiver Bobby Duckworth.

Danny Reeves, Dallas Cowboy assistant letting the N.Y. Giants know he'd listen hard to an offer to become their head man, recalls how he hurried back into NFL after dropping out in 1973 to go into real estate construction: "I missed football and the real estate market dropped out of sight. Handling 100 town-houses was like handling 100 Dunae Thomases."