Well, the San Francisco 49ers' 2-14 finish clinched the No. 1 pick in the 1979 NFL draft come May 1 - for Buffalo. The O. J. Simpson trade, Remember?

Kansas City and Cincinnati coholders of the next worst record (4-12) won the next picks. K. C. for the second straight year, selcts No. 2 (if regular-season records are identical, the tie is broken in favor of the team that played opponents with weaker percentage). So the Bengals will have third choice, then come back for No. 12; that's where the Redskins would have been but . . . the Lemar Parrish-Coy Bacon trade, remember?

Of the 5-11 teams, Tampa Bay had No. 4 position but Chicago will pick a Bear cub via a past deal with the Bucs; the Bills come back with No.5 on their own merit; Baltimore gets No. 6.

Let's see, top prospect to be the first collegian taken by the pros - the best of the running backs are underclassmen - may very well be Penn State's mighty offensive takcle, Keith Dorney. Figure the Bills are happy at quarter-back with Joe Ferguson, and didn't Juice's old Main Man on his option this year?

The Chiefs, then, plan to go for a defensive gem, but somebody early figures to go for QB - Chuck Fusina, Jack Thompson, Steve Dils all are highly rated. Or will the first passer drafted be (the bird-dogs tail Ohio Valley Conference, too) . . . Morehead State's Phil Simms?