White House reorganization staffer Peter Petkas will be named soon to head the newly created administration Regulatory Council, which will attempt to limit the inflationary impact of federal regulation.

Petkas has been tagged by council chairman Douglas Costle, head of the Environmental Protection Agency, to head the council staff of 16, Petkas confirmed yesterday.

The former executive director of the Southern Regional Council in Atlanta, a nonprofit research organization, Petkas has been a deputy to Office of Management and Budget associate director Harrison Wellford for the past two years.

Petkas, 33, will have a budget of $2.5 million for the first half of 1979 to operate the council, which has representatives from 34 different regulatiory agencies.

The new position is a GS-18 rank, and will pay Petkas $47,500, the same amount he makes at present on the reorganization staff.

Petkas said in an interview that his role will deal "primarily with policy."

"The council is designed to give the reguators a mechanism to work together to meet the president's call for regulatory reform," Petkas said.

Executive branch agencies were ordered by President Carter to participate in the council, while independent agencies -- like the Federal Trade Commission -- were invited to join in.

The council's first major undertaking is the creation of a regulatory calender, which will be a compilation of planned regulatory actions by all of the agencies.

The council will then review each planned action for its impact on inflation, and attempt to coordinate the activities to give the government the most impact for the least amount of money, and to eliminate proposed regulation that would cosntribute significantly to inflation.