In the frustration that followed the Washington Capitals' 5-2 loss to Philadelphia Tuesday, winger Bob Girard vowed that, "We'll win our next five games."

A slightly started expression prompted Girard to add, "Don't laugh. We should have beaten these guys tonight and we're going to beat the next five -- Buffalo, Colorado, Vancouver, Detroit and Pittsburgh."

Unfortunately for Girard's forecast, a Tuesday visit to the New York Islanders is sandwiched between home contests against Vancouver and Detroit. Nevertheless, his confidence is worthy of mention, because it reflects the new attitude of a long-down-trodden hockey team.

The Capitals, since Gary Inness' emergence as a first-class goaltender, no longer skate onto the ice wondering whether they will find a new way to blow a game. They enter each battle expecting to win.

The Capitals play in Buffalo tonight (WDCA-TV-20, 8 p.m.) and they will face another tough goaltender. Don Edwards blanked the Capitals here Nov. 11 and ranks fifth in the NHL with a 2.68 goals-against mark.

Washington's overworked defense corps will be strengthened by the return of Rick Green, who suffered a bruised left knee Jan. 3. Although the knee is still painful, Green was given a green light because it has reached the stage where another bump won't aggravate it.

Robert Picard, who set a club record Tuesday by scoring in his 10th straight game, also suffered a charley-horse and a bruised elbow. He is questionable tonight, although the odds are good that he will at least try to play.

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