Ranking South African heavyweight boxer Kallie Knoetze won a temporary court injunction today allowing him to fight Bill Sharkey in Miami Beach Saturday, despite a State Department order revoking Knoetze's visa.

U.S. District Judge Norman C. Roettger also ruled that Knoetze was entitled to a hearing on the revocation of his visa. Roettger issued the restraining order while attending a judges' meeting in Orlando.

"What will be restrained will be any action to enforce the order of the Secretary (of State) which revoked his visa," Roettger said. "Where is the great harm in letting that fellow have this matter decided in a hearling? Let's get it all over at one time a week from Monday."

Knoetze's attorney, Michael Ryan, contended that the revocation was caused by "political pressure" exerted by the Rev. Jesse Jackson, militant political groups, the State Department and the White Hous. Knoetze was already in the country, he said, and had a right to a hearing on the merits of his case.

"When an alien is legally admitted to this country, he is entitled to the hospitality of the U.S. Constitution," Ryan said, calling the State Department's action "arbitrary and capricious."