Wide receiver Lynn Swann of the Pittsburgh Steelers, quarterback Terry Bradshaw's most dangerous weapon, infured a foot in practice today, but X-rays taken as a precautionary measure at a nearby hospital proved negative and he is expected to practice Wednesday.

Swann was running a pass route down a sideline when cornerback Ron Johnson stepped on his foot. Swann stumbled and fell, grabbing his foot. Swann walked off the field dragging his foot a bit. On his way to a car that took him to the hospital, Swann said, "I'll practice tomorrow."

Meanwhile, linebacker Tom Henderson of the Dallas Cowboys came down with new symptoms of his chronic hoof-in-mouth disease. The ailment had become so shic that he outdrew teammate Roger Staubach, with about 40 interviewers hanging on his every declaration.

Henderson, who dominated pregame coverage of the Cowboy-Los Angeles Ram playoff with his prediction that the Rams would choke, today selected Randy Grossman as his target for abuse. Grossman, Steeler tight end, is the fellow who will be trying to block Henderson in the Super Bowl Sunday.

"Grossman's a backup tight end," Henderson said of the replacement for Bennie Cunningham, sidelined by a knee injury. "He only playw when somebody dies or breaks a leg. I think Grossman takes away from the Steelers' end run by Franco Harris. He is too small (at 6-foot-1 and 215 pounds to Cunningham's 6-5 and 245) to make the big block. I'll tell you, if I had to play against Cunningham, I'd have a different game plan.

"Grossman... he's my size (Henderson is 6-2 and 220). I love it. The first time I played against Cunningham he didn't handle me, but his size kept me out of the way. I don't think the Steelers' end run is effective now."

"He's quite a character," Grossman told UPI. "This is a sport and everything, but when you get to the professional level, it's big entertainment.

"Tickets are going for $150 to $200. He serves a purpose for the whole thing. What if everybody said, 'It's going to be a great game,' and all that kind of stuff.

"It doesn't make any difference to me what he zsays. What it comes down to is the game. That's when I'll be serious."

It was relayed to Henderson that middle linebacker Jack Lambert of the Steelers said he would be coming after the Cowboy defender in certain plays involving special teams.

"Everybody can come after me. I love it, I love it. I got Randy White, Harvey Martin, Too Tall Jones and Cliff Harris. I don't care; let 'em come. The only thing is, don't bring knives or guns."

Henderson was asked if Coach Tom Landry over tries to tone down his remarks.

"Oh, no; that's against my constitutional rights. I think we'll score a couple times in the first quarter and break that streak of theirs (the Stelers did not allow a touchdown against them all season in the first quarter).

"I think we have better personnel throughout our team, and we use it better. I'm on our kickoff return team. You dig what I mean?"

As a rookid Henderson took a handoff from the Dallas kickoff returner and ran about 85 yards for a touchdown in a regular-season game. He came a bit short of sort of dunking the ball backward over the crossbar of the goalpost. "I was little tired from all that running," he said then.

Again in the 10th Super Bowl, he took a handoff from his kickoff return man and broke a long return before being tackled bu Steeler placekicker Roy Gerela (5-10 and 185).